Keelin’ It — The 3rd Installment

The third instalment of Keelin’ It happened this weekend. SMU Sailing hopes that all our participants and sailors had a great time under the sun and that the slight drizzle towards the end of the day didn’t bring anyone down! Thank you to all our participants for coming down and also to our own beloved sailors for helping out this weekend! Do keep a lookout for our next instalment of Keelin’ It if you missed this one!

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Subic Bay Cup Regatta

Our sailors are exploring new seas as Team Subic Booze Cruise competes in the upcoming Subic Regatta! Initially, this regatta was supposed to be held in Boracay but in a matter of days with less than 2 weeks to the regatta, the venue was changed to Subic Bay. Having had no experience sailing on the Fareast28 and no prior training as a crew before this regatta, Team Subic Booze Cruise definitely did exceptionally well, considering the competition from the international and local teams here in the Philippines! SMU Sailing is proud to announce that our sailors have clinched 3rd place! Charting unfamiliar waters, the team is very grateful for the hospitality shown by the Filipinos, especially from Subic Sailing. We would like to thank the organising committee for such a wonderful and enriching experience for our sailors!

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SB20 Grand Slam

Despite returning back from the 3rd Nongsa Regatta the week before, our sailors took part in the annual SB20 Grand Slam. To their surprise, winds were stronger than the Nongsa Regatta! Although our sailors did not take home any awards, they definitely gained experience sailing the SB20 boats. We would like to congratulate our SMU Sailing Alumni for achieving the 5th place overall!

grand slam

3rd Nongsa Regatta

The 3rd Nongsa Regatta marked the very first regatta of the year for SMU Sailing! Despite the treacherous boat delivery from Raffles Marina to Nongsa Point and back, our sailors definitely had an enjoyable time in and out of water. For many of the freshmen, it is their first regatta representing SMU Sailing, and we are immensely proud of their performance! Nongsa Point was known for its strong winds, a very different set of conditions from where we usually train. Despite that, our sailors proved their competence and tenacity to go beyond their comfort zone and achieve greater heights! SMU Sailing is proud to announce that all our four boats had gained podium finishes! SMUve and SMUmad achieved 2nd and 3rd place respectively for the IRC class! For the J24 class, Shengli and Quarterdeck clinched 1st and 3rd Place respectively! Congratulations to all our sailors and go Team SMU Sailing!


madNongsa 2018qd winshengz winsmuve

14th Executive Committee

As we step into Year 2018, we would like to formally introduce our 14th Executive Committee! Introducing our Madam President & TDO — Bernice Foo. Under her lead, this lady ensures that the club is in order. Next up, our Vice President — Kenny Chee! Apart from being known as “Teddy Bear Kenny”, he is Bernice’s right-hand man (first sidekick). Bernice’s second sidekick is Honorary General Secretary — Darryl Tan! Despite being known for his quirky personality and sassiness, he definitely does a job well-done as the club’s HGS. Being a handyman, this guy eagerly takes over as Logistics Director — Isaac Peck! A strong passion in fixing and piecing things together, we are definitely lucky to have him take on this role! Although she whines a lot and drinks water on the downwind, we trust in our Finance Director, Chermian Lim, to keep our accounts and funds safe. Lastly, we have our Marcomms Director, Nicole Quek! Having a “mother-like” figure, she hopes to fulfil exco duties while discovering her American Dream.

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Introducing the 13th Executive Committee

Anndd the votes are in…introducing to you the new incoming 13th Executive Committee of SMU Sailing!

President – Ko Yumei
Vice-President – Germaine Lim
Honorary General Secretary – Lee Cheryl
Training and Development Officer – Alison Chia
Finance Secretary – Tan Dexun
Logistics Officer – Sng Jia Ping
Marketing and Corporate communications Officer – Cherise Lei

Congratulations to all candidates! Do SMU Sailing proud! We would also like to thank SMU Sports Union representative Avril Chua for coming down as our elections moderator.

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13th Exco Elections candidates

The 13th Executive Committee elections are just around the corner! 8 courageous year 2 sailors have stepped up to run for a position in the Exco. Click on this link to check out the nomination write-ups from each of the candidates. Elections will be happening on the 7th September 2016, 7pm at SOE SR 5-2. Good luck to the candidates and always remember that “Leadership is an opportunity to serve”.

Elections newsletter

19th SMU-RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta 2016

19th WCSR (Race day 1 & 2): SMU sailing put on a great showing in the first weekend of the19th Western Circuit Sailing regatta. We had a total of 5 teams representing across 2 classes, IRC B and SB20s. Over the weekend, the sailors faced various conditions, ranging from light tricky winds to heavier breeze with choppy seas. Despite that, one constant was the sailors’ sheer determination to perform in any conditions thrown at them.

In the IRC B class, both teams sailed up the leaderboards from early on and it became an internal battle for the overall lead! SMUve and SMUmad will enter Day 3 in 1 and 2!

Over in the SB20 fleet, our teams gave their best and faced intense competition. Overall, the podium was held by the more experienced SB20 sailors of Glasgow Kiss and 2015 Sea Games Gold Medalist team of SSF1. This definitely will not dampen our sailors’ spirits and we will come back hungrier on Day 3!

Lots to learn and much fun awaits!



Race day 3: We have finally reached the much-anticipated last day of 19th WCSR. Like any other competition, the last day is extra crucial in order to convert all the prior days of hardwork into a coveted trophy. A tiny slip up, could mean losing a podium finish or being the runner up.

Our teams representing in the IRC B and SB20 class psyched themselves up and went into Day 3 fresh and ready to send it!

In the IRC B class, it was truly an internal battle between SMUve and SMUMad. With such a small margin separating them, 1 point was all it took to decide the winner. Even though both teams suffered a false start in Race 6, the overall championship title still to went SMUve, with SMUMad in 2nd. They have truly done SMU proud, flaunting their dominance in this class and defending their title.

Over in the SB20 class, our sailors put up a good fight against the highly competitive and experienced fleet. With our teams ranging from alumni to freshie, it was a brilliant showcase of teamwork and ability to adapt to various sailing styles. In the end, the final standing was 7th, 9th and 13th place.

All in all, this 19th WCSR has presented us with splendid weather and fair winds. The team has undoubtedly learnt and grown through the process. Just want to say a big thank you to OSL for all their help and support for this regatta!

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RSYC 2016

Race day 1 &2: The RSYC Regatta kicked off on day 1 with a gloomy start, with rain greeting our enthusiastic sailors. After the skies cleared up, the team had to wait another 2 hours out at sea for the winds to pick up, with Jimmy taking a dip in the waters while waiting.
Finally, the sailors started their races for the day. SMUmad had the lead for the first race in the IRC B class, but painfully lost the title to SMUve due to an error in finishing. SMUve made good calls in their second race, allowing their team to claim the second race as their own. Meanwhile in the J24 class, Shengli had consistent performance, finishing first in all their races. The last race saw winds picking up tremendously, with SMUve experiencing a near broach and SMUMad having troubles with their mains halyard.

Day 2 of races was a passage race, a first for the freshies! With many boats aiming for the pin end, competition was tight as the passage race officially started. Conditions were pretty good for SMUve and SMUMad as the storm cleared and wind was around 6 knots. As we rounded the first mark, the boats struggled to maintain speed as wind dropped even further. It was a long journey of navigation and frustrating attempts to catch the gusts as we headed downwind. Halfway through the race, a storm was brewing in the distance again. This was the best chance for SMUMad to catch up with SMUve. Alas, the storm was heading away from the race route and was leaving the sailors with a feeble breeze. As SMUve and SMUMad were enduring through the conditions, the race committee decided to shorten the course. With winds slowly picking up, it was a close fight between SMUMad and SMUve. Ultimately, the race ended for them with a slight difference of 20 seconds.

At the end of the 2 days of RYSC, SMUve is in the lead followed by SMUMad for IRC B. Shengli has been getting bullets so far and is leading the one design pack! One more day of races team! All the best!

13658929_1043457932356231_2017686106567656947_n (1).jpg13729076_1043457985689559_2543606034672340404_n.jpg13627174_1043457839022907_6524845749856995253_n.jpg13872697_1043457845689573_846041493217543081_n.jpg

Race day 3:
It’s the final day of races! Having scored bullets, Shengli seemed ready to retire early for the day. On the other hand, SMUve and SMUMad were still ready to battle it out for first place in this last leg! With wind constantly around 5 knots, it was optimal for the platus. With similarly good starts, it was down to the crew to trim to their best and carry out perfect hoists and drops. Both teams did well by playing with wind shifts and gaining against the other sailors in the same category. In the end, team SMU has done themselves proud by clinching first and second place in IRC B and first place in J24s!

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13876261_1046023255433032_6709010274769160335_n (1).jpg13876375_1046023232099701_970298100218994297_n (1).jpg13912527_1046023192099705_1956405346373346934_n.jpg13879217_1046023195433038_2061432038110355173_n (1).jpg