Starry X Halloween 2k19

[Starry X Halloween]

As sailors, we study hard and party even harder. To celebrate the end of school and project hell week, we threw a costume party – Halloween Style!!! Special shout out to the winners of our costume contest:

Individual Category – Lynette (Koufu Auntie)

Couple Category- Issac and Zoe (Sloth & Tree)

Group Category – Chong Jie, Kevin, Marcus & Lynette (Me and my bros meme)

Don’t you wish you have a CCA as cool as us?


I’d seriously rather be sailing!

If you were on Twitter or Facebook last evening, you’d probably have seen many depressing posts such as “S*** gets real now”, “Snap back to reality”, “No more free beer..” etc. This goes to show how much we are already missing the China Cup Regatta.

Well, I guess I will let the photos do the talking for now: 

Thanks Windzee for this picture

More pictures at

Photo of Fareast team

Fareast team with their prize


Race day 1:

Race 2/3:

Race 4/5/6:

Of course we would like to congratulate our UWA-alumni Team for coming in 3rd overall! Good job to the team of Remy, Louis Pek, Jun Jia, Karene Seah and Su Jun who faced formidable opponents in the Fareast 26 class. Barely 3 points away from the eventual winners Team Constantwind and losing on countback after a tiebreak with Shanghai Team, our alumni team has indeed performed very well despite a lack of training and knowledge of the boat.

And of course, not forgetting the heroes on board the Beneteau 40.7, they also had some impressive results including a 5th position among the 29 strong one-design fleet. These people on board managed to hit their target of 15th place. It is a remarkable achievement considering that they hardly ever sailed on boats longer than 25 feet and faced professional competition from all over the worldr

Last but not least, there’s also our team daddy, Andrew Tam. Many thanks for volunteering to run the tack tracker system and taking care of our welfare throughout the event. (Do check out our exciting races @

SMU Sailing would like to thank our sponsor Modern Media, who gave us a brand new spinnaker and 4 fantabulous sailing shirts each. For those who may not have heard of them, they are a media company that publishes magazines in Hong Kong and China. Do check them out when you happen to be there!

We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who helped us along the way. To Sarab and Robert, thanks for being so kind to lend us your awesome boats, Windsikher and Tantrum, to practice for this regatta as well as teaching us a thing or two about racing bigger boats. To team Maxi, Andrew Paul, Justin Wong as well as Jeremy Chase, thanks for your help and guidance. Without all you guys, we certainly would have been further at the back of the pack.

For many of our sailors, this will be one of the biggest keelboat events that they have experienced with over 80 boats on the water. And for that, we will also like to thank the China Cup organizers for putting together such a remarkable event!

For full results, you may visit the event website @

And I’m already looking forward to China Cup 2012=)


SMU Sailing Club

Because I’d rather be sailing

As the end of the semester draws to a close, so do all the deadlines for presentations and project reports. But, just before you get all depressed about week 11, let me share some awesome pictures courtesy of China Cup 2010:

Coming Deepavali, 8 undergrads and 3 alumni of SMU sailing will be heading up to Hong Kong and Shenzhen for a 7-day hiatus! They will be taking part in the China Cup International Regatta 2011 on board a Beneteau 40.7, which proved to be more than an eye-opener for the lucky few who participated in 2010. How often do you see a one-design fleet of 30 x 40-footers!

The team comprises of

  • Skipper: Shaun Toh
  • Tactician: Calvin Lim
  • Mains Trimmer: Gregory Ho
  • Jib Trimmer: Eric Loh
  • Jib Trimmer: Peiquan
  • Pit: Fidelis Tan
  • Pit: Zixian
  • Mast: Brandon Heng
  • Bow: Winfrid Wong
  • Bow: Alexi Lim
  • Floater (and self proclaimed boat boss): Catherine Chua

We are also accompanied by:

  • Team Manager: Andrew Tam
  • Far-east 26 UWA-Alumni Team: Remy, Louis Pek, Su Jun, Karene and Jun Jia.

Which brings me to the title of this post..
Going away in Week 11! Why??? Because I’d rather be sailing =)

SMU Sailing

How far will you go?

In just a few hours time, the very best of Asia-Pacific’s match racers will be competing in the Asian Match Racing Championships (AMRC) in Terengganu, Malaysia. It is the qualifying regatta that will determine the team who will represent Asia-Pacific at the prestigious Monsoon Cup, the final leg of the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) with a prize purse of almost RM1.5 million.

But then, week 9 of the school term isn’t a time for SMU undergrads to fool around. No way will anyone be able to find time to drive up and watch this race. So the question is: what has SMU Sailing got to do with this?

Well you may have guessed, the answer is right here in this picture. One look at this handsome young dude and you’ll instantly feel his awesomeness splashing out of your computer screen. Casting aside an immense workload and a heavy backlog of projects, final year student Christopher Lim and his independent team will be competing against powerhouses from all over Asia and down under for the final qualifying spot in the Monsoon Cup.

Together on board Team Send It Sideways are:

Skipper: Maximilian Soh
Mains Trimmer: Christopher Lim
Jib trimmer: Justin Wong
Mast: Ivan Tan
Bowman: Andrew Paul Chan

You may not know these guys (other than Chris) but I’d like to point out that making it so far into professional sailing requires loads of sacrifice and passion. This is not as straightforward as any Olympic campaign where full support is given by the Sports Council. These people had to take valuable time off work, fund their campaign at various overseas competitions training stints, as well as put aside all other priorities in preparation for this competition. Which brings us to the title of this post: How far will you go to pursue your passion?

Well pardon me for all this talk as I am still reeling from the sheer awesomeness of Chris and his team. At the bottom line, SMU sailing would like to wish the team the very best at the AMRC. Hope to see you all on tv for Monsoon Cup!

Results can be followed online: and more information about the World Match Racing Tour can be found on


SMU Sailing

Battle @ the Bay III- Team Profile

Hello dear readers!

For the first time and coinciding with the F1 weekend, SMU will be featuring our beautifully painted Platus inside Marina Bay! For those who witnessed the success of Bay Challenge @ the Promontory, SSF has decided to raise it a notch by hauling 4 platus under the helix bridge and sizing up the competition literally. But i’m guessing we will look tiny beside the Audi Ultra hahaha.

Well of course, what do we look out for when we see the SMU platus? The sailors of course! This time round, despite the mounting pressure from numerous mid-term exams, SMU sailing managed to put together a team of veteren match racers to fight for the trophy that has eluded us in the past 2 battles @ the barrage.

And here they are- TEAM SMU consisting of:

 Skipper: Shaun Toh Hong Yi

Mains Trimmer: Alexi Lim

Jib Trimmer: Samuel Ong

Pit-mast: Eric Loh

Bowman: Peiquan

You may ask… What’s Shaun doing with 4 jib trimmers on board?! Well, you’ll have to go down to the promontory to witness their match racing expertise for yourself! There are 6 other skippers who signed up, namely Joe Howe, Cai Weiguo, Thai MR expert Jon Eriksson, defending champion Fabrice Piard and 2 x SSF coaches teams. It will not be an easy battle on the water, and who knows where the wind conditions in the bay may bring us. So do come down to support us if you can, or simply wish us luck from whereever you are! (Warning signal for both days are at 1230pm) 


SMU Sailing Club

Battle @ the Barrage II- Skipper Profile

Of course, after featuring Chris’ team, how can we miss out on featuring Renfred’s team for the upcoming Keelboat Match Racing League. Read on to find out more about Renfred and his team:

Team SMU
Skipper: Renfred Tay

Asian Games 2006 Sailing (Match Racing) Gold Medallist- this single achievement is more than enough to showcase Renfred’s match racing expertise. He also skippered in the inaugral constant wind match race in October last year and came in a respectable 4th position in the laser Bahia.  

Additional Information
 Renfred was the jib trimmer during his stint at the ’06 Asian Games and subsequently, he shifted back to the driver’s seat after joining SMU sailing. Although he only clocked one match regatta as the skipper, we believe that his intensive training stint 5 years ago as a jib trimmer for the Asiad has given him the necessary experience to do SMU proud in this edition of the Match Race league.

Of course, we still have a strong lineup of crews on board who will be backing him in this competition:

Mains Trimmer: Calvin Lim– I’ll like to repeat the words from the previous post that are most apt to describe this cheeky fella: “Calvin is a passionate sailor with a love for the beach and corners. He is also highly experienced, with a world byte championship title under his belt, an achievement not many can brag about.” This time round he takes a step back to take on the role of a mains trimmer and tactician.

Jib Trimmer: Koh Ziyi – Anyone would like to guess his age? Do not be deceived by his youthful appearance because this recently graduated sailor is bringing loads of sailing experience to compete alongside his juniors. See that winch he’s grinding>> That photo was taken during China Cup 2010 with Ziyi trimming on board the Beneteau 40.7.

Pit-mast: Samuel Ong – The first half of the bow team is in this competition to roll you all over- literally. As the heaviest crew on board, he is strategically positioned on the pit-mast to make full use of his body weight to steer the boat through tight situations. And of course to give the additional pump. 3.. 2.. 1.. PRESS!

Bowman: Brandon Heng–  The second half of the bow team is also no light weight in this team. He was the bowman on board Hi-jinks which finished 2nd in the Top of the Gulf Regatta 2011. What do you get when Big meets Agile? Come down to the barrage on the 25th and 26th to see for yourself! 

Once again we hope to see you there, and good luck to Team SMU!

❤ ,

SMU Sailing Club

Battle @ the Barrage II- Skipper Profile

SMU will once again feature 2 teams in the upcoming Keelboat Match Racing League held at Marina Barrage on the 26th and 27th of June. Skippering the boats will be Renfred Tay, SMU’s very own 2006 Asian Games Gold Medallist in Match Racing as well as veteran match racer Christopher Lim. Read on to find out more about Chris and his team:

Team SMU
Skipper: Christopher Lim Zijie

Ranked 299 in the ISAF Match Race Open category, Chris enters the competition with substantial match racing experience over his opponents. In 2009, he helmed his first match racing regatta at the Indian Rim Asian University Games and has never looked back since then. In 2010, he skippered his team to an overall 5th position in the World University Games, beating opponents who are ranked over 500 positions above him in the world rankings.

Additional Information
This talented young lad  will be the one to watch out for in this regatta. In the previous edition of the Battle @ the Barrage, he came in a remarkable 3rd place amidst a strong fleet of competititors, losing out only to teams that comprised of  professionals and national sailors.

Its been rumoured that he may also be setting sights on the Asian Match Racing Tour, a  prestigious match race regatta where the winning team will qualify directly for the World Match Racing Tour! You definitely do not want to give this guy a miss (too big to be missed :D), so do come down to the barrage and give your utmost support to this young aspiring sailor. 

Keelboat Sailing Results

Just to list a few of Chris’ amazing achievements to highlight recent breakthroughs in his sailing career:

  • Indian Rim Asian University Games (Match Racing, 3rd)
  • FISU World University Games 2010 (Match Racing, 5th)
  • Match Race Thailand I and II (2nd)
  • Singapore Straits Regatta 2011 (J24 one design, 1st)

Mains Trimmer: Catherine Chua – Some people call her small, but I’ll describe her as a cheat code! Because what is packed beneath this seemingly minute frame is not only a whole lot of match race experience,  but also the strength and power to survive the demands of a match racing mains trimmer.

Jib Trimmer: Eric Loh Strength? Checked! Weight? Checked! Trimming Skills? Checked! Eric has only 8 months of sailing experience, but already has almost the perfect combination of skills and proportions that any skipper would love to have in his jib trimmer.

Pit-mast: Gwen Quek – Also having sailed for less that 8 months, she has already clocked all the foredeck positions in the Platu. Most recently, she competed in the Top of the Gulf Regatta at the bow of Nataya and made a huge impression among the spectators. Do not judge her by her lack of experience or size, just come down on the race days to see her in action!

Bowman: Alexi Lim–  Alexi has over 6 years of dinghy sailing experience and has recently converted to sailing on the keelboat in the past year. He has shown true dedication in picking up the ropes and his impressive agility will put many more experienced bowmen to shame. Do watch out for him when it comes to bottom mark roundings as his spinnaker drops are rumoured to be legendary.

That all for now, thank you for reading and we hope to see you at the Barrage!


SMU Sailing Club

Launching of platus

4th June 2011 marks an exciting day in SMU Sailing’s calendar.  Not only because the poor souls on internship get a weekend off work. But also because our newly painted boats are being launched the right way! After a new paint job, SMUve and SMU Mad were ready to “wow” the sailors – on facebook.

Catch our freshly painted boats at SMU Sailing’s next exciting regatta – SSF June Match Race! SMUve and SMU Mad will definitely impress the entire barrage and so will 2 of our teams.

SMU Team 1:

Renfred Tay – Helm
Calvin Lim – Mains
Koh Ziyi – Trimmer
Brandon Heng – Bowman

SMU Team 2:

Chris Lim – Helm
Catherine Chua – Mains
Eric Loh – Trimmer
Alexi Lim – Bowman

Attention: There are new berthing techniques that will be shared with the whole club soon. This new style of berthing is to ensure that the stickers and paint last as long as possible. Abide by these rules, and we keep our boats pretty. Everyone will want to run their fingers through them!

SMU Sailing