RSYC 2016

Race day 1 &2: The RSYC Regatta kicked off on day 1 with a gloomy start, with rain greeting our enthusiastic sailors. After the skies cleared up, the team had to wait another 2 hours out at sea for the winds to pick up, with Jimmy taking a dip in the waters while waiting.
Finally, the sailors started their races for the day. SMUmad had the lead for the first race in the IRC B class, but painfully lost the title to SMUve due to an error in finishing. SMUve made good calls in their second race, allowing their team to claim the second race as their own. Meanwhile in the J24 class, Shengli had consistent performance, finishing first in all their races. The last race saw winds picking up tremendously, with SMUve experiencing a near broach and SMUMad having troubles with their mains halyard.

Day 2 of races was a passage race, a first for the freshies! With many boats aiming for the pin end, competition was tight as the passage race officially started. Conditions were pretty good for SMUve and SMUMad as the storm cleared and wind was around 6 knots. As we rounded the first mark, the boats struggled to maintain speed as wind dropped even further. It was a long journey of navigation and frustrating attempts to catch the gusts as we headed downwind. Halfway through the race, a storm was brewing in the distance again. This was the best chance for SMUMad to catch up with SMUve. Alas, the storm was heading away from the race route and was leaving the sailors with a feeble breeze. As SMUve and SMUMad were enduring through the conditions, the race committee decided to shorten the course. With winds slowly picking up, it was a close fight between SMUMad and SMUve. Ultimately, the race ended for them with a slight difference of 20 seconds.

At the end of the 2 days of RYSC, SMUve is in the lead followed by SMUMad for IRC B. Shengli has been getting bullets so far and is leading the one design pack! One more day of races team! All the best!

13658929_1043457932356231_2017686106567656947_n (1).jpg13729076_1043457985689559_2543606034672340404_n.jpg13627174_1043457839022907_6524845749856995253_n.jpg13872697_1043457845689573_846041493217543081_n.jpg

Race day 3:
It’s the final day of races! Having scored bullets, Shengli seemed ready to retire early for the day. On the other hand, SMUve and SMUMad were still ready to battle it out for first place in this last leg! With wind constantly around 5 knots, it was optimal for the platus. With similarly good starts, it was down to the crew to trim to their best and carry out perfect hoists and drops. Both teams did well by playing with wind shifts and gaining against the other sailors in the same category. In the end, team SMU has done themselves proud by clinching first and second place in IRC B and first place in J24s!

13680665_1046023338766357_7744269694922204213_n (1).jpg

13876261_1046023255433032_6709010274769160335_n (1).jpg13876375_1046023232099701_970298100218994297_n (1).jpg13912527_1046023192099705_1956405346373346934_n.jpg13879217_1046023195433038_2061432038110355173_n (1).jpg

Phuket Race Week 2016

Ahoy! The PRW team have landed safely at their destination! By the look on their faces, it seems they have already gotten everything sorted, from boat checks to their accommodation!

13707529_1038027046232653_330165050593987098_n (1).jpg



Race day 0: Day 2 of Phuket was our first day out on the water. After a late breakfast, the team went through our play book and clarified our individual roles during our race manoeuvres. Heading out the An Yo beach, we rowed out in a rubber dinghy(a first for a regatta) to the greet the Weasel, the team’s weapon of choice for the next 4 days of racing. The sailors quickly rigged up and were put through their paces as they practiced and troubleshot almost all their manoeuvres. A productive day of training to say the least, from a slipping mains halyard to a dodgy spin sheet, it was fortunate that these defects were spotted early and addressed before actually racing commenced. We ended off with dinner by the beach backed by a picturesque sunset and stroll along the night market in front of the hotel capped off the evening! The team is pumped for the second day of training tomorrow and hopefully can get a chance to do some pacing with other boats!

13692669_1039199499448741_5246593590579439974_n (1).jpg


Race day 1:It was a pleasant change as the sun decided to shine upon the sailors today for their first day of racing! The day was not too productive as the winds went as light as 3 knotts, during the first few hours from the warning signal. The Phuket Race Crew entertained themselves with a merry sing-a-long session, as well as catching up on lost sleep.

In the end, the committee managed to squeeze in one race for the day. The crew emerged 2nd, earning themselves a neat bottle of Mont Clair for the day.

13692600_1040206719348019_628351237753913413_n (1).jpg13769622_1040206439348047_4533598674698336681_n.jpg13718796_1040206646014693_5635528371489525297_n (1).jpg13692752_1040206506014707_5417143617019455174_n (1).jpg13754377_1040206526014705_995077098408092505_n.jpg

Race day 2: The team had a slow start to the day when races were postponed due to the light and inconsistent winds. This gave the members of the team who were under the weather some much needed rest and respite from their afflictions. At promptly 1pm the AP flag came down and the crew of The Weasel scurried to the start line.

Race 1 was an exciting duel between the fantastic fox (The Fox) and wily weasel (The Weasel/Team SMU). Both sides took turns to take the lead andall almost seemed lost when The Weasel completely missed rounding the downwind mark on the first attempt (THE HORROR). But the wily weasel outsmarted and outran the the fantastic fox on the upwind leg to scamper to victory for the first race.

Race 2 started shortly after and the wily weasel was again fast off the blocks. With The Fox and Nataya hot on her heels, there was much for The Weasel to do. The Wolf and The Tiger were also prowling on the fringes, ever ready to pounce on any mistakes made by the front runners. The Weasel lead the race for the majority of the race but Nataya pulled a fast one and unexpectedly took the lead near the top mark on the second upwind. Undaunted, The Weasel executed a perfect rounding to sneak into the lead again. With victory in sight, The Weasel sprinted for the finish and brought it home with much to spare.

With half of the crew down with flu, 2 out of the 6 members collapsed in exhaustion at the finish, leaving the remaining 4 members to take The Weasel home. What a day it has been for Team SMU! Great perseverance and team work made the difference. Here’s to better days ahead! And we hope Clement, Dexun and Liwen get better in the next few days.

13699993_1040853212616703_1605765583891784306_n (1).jpg13718531_1040853215950036_3569054536778813425_n (1).jpg13775458_1040853262616698_1176777491385318638_n.jpg13782145_1040853265950031_4843864488705565814_n (2).jpg

Race day 3: With winds as low as 2 knots and storm clouds above the racing area, teams in the platu one design had to hoist their spin at the start in an epic downwind start. The decision to stay left of most of the fleet away from the islands did pay off as we rounded the mark second after Wolf. After the rounding, the team took the conservative move of staying in the centre of the course and were gassed by the big boats. The Fox and Nataya each took the extreme sides of course and sailed down with the gust, placing the team 3rd in this eventful lightest light wind race ever.

13775789_1041667029201988_7483410475475667136_n.jpg13731523_1041666972535327_1644439681028745289_n.jpg13718811_1041666929201998_5539462261965115543_n (1).jpg

Race day 4: The storm that had been brewing the previous night had finally quelled, and it came the dawn of the final day at PRW. Upon arrival at Ao Yon beach, we were met with a view of a calm, almost mirror like sea. All 5 teams sat around, waiting for further instructions from the race officials. We waited and waited..and finally at 1247pm…WE WERE THE CHAMPIONS!

The team would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the club, and OSL for giving us the opportunity to represent the school at Phuket Race Week 2016. We hope to be back next year!

13728934_1042352675800090_123252129980971622_n (2).jpg

13620756_1042352679133423_5867116310812534852_n.jpg13782065_1042352715800086_2760916489886156620_n (1).jpg13782215_1042352739133417_7511445595924077131_n.jpg13615108_1042352779133413_5209181000107674012_n (1).jpg13775631_1042352819133409_297159794284692545_n (1).jpg

Top of the Gulf Regatta 2016

It’s that time of the year again! TOGR! Our favourite summer regatta! What a great way to kick start the summer.

TOGR DAY 0: After a great boat check yesterday, our sailors headed out into the Pattaya waters for practice races today! The teams were greeted with strong winds and choppy waves — a pleasant surprise! It was a good practice round for all the boats though the conditions proved to be challenging. A storm came after one round of practice race, the sailors quickly sailed back into the marina to seek shelter. Nataya’s engine failed to start on the return trip and dragon’s engine also died while trying to rescue Nataya. It was great to see so many different boats out on the water today, here’s wishing all the boats the best of luck for the next 4 days of racing!


Race day 1: It was an intense day of racing for all the teams today as winds got from strong to even stronger throughout the day. There were a total of 3 races and sailors fought a good fight today, with DRAGON mostly taking the lead (infront of all the other SMU boats) on most of the races. Albeit being at the back of the fleet most of the time and experiencing a couple of broaches here and there on the downwind, the sailors pushed through the tough conditions and sailed their best today. After racing, we had a fantastic seafood dinner by the sea at this quaint restaurant called “The view”, where we saw the sunset. Thank you OSL for the lovely dinner treat! When we got back to the hotel, we had a team debrief and the sailors from each boat shared their tips and happenings on their boat during races with everyone. Keep up the positivity and the energy sailors! Don’t give up and all the best for the next few days of racing!


Race day 2: The sailors woke up today feeling pumped and ready for yet another 3 more races ahead. The wind conditions were stronger than yesterday’s and the waves were even more relentless. There were talks amongst the other pro-boaters about the jibs they used in this kind of conditions by the lawn. And knowing that all our boats were pretty light, the lovely Kevin Scott then brought over some number 3 jibs to help us avoid being too overpowered in these strong conditions. The races were as usual very eventful, with Naiad (BloveLY) getting an OCS in the second race, Nataya (Tripple A) skied their spin halyard during the break right before the third race, Dragon (Crash team racing) skied their jib halyard that same time as well and Stingray’s (PQ’s KReW) main sheet block coming off after the general recall for the third race. After yesterday’s team debrief, many of the boats improved from the useful tips and tricks imparted. The team then went over to the Movenpick hotel for the daily prize givings and cocktail party. Overall, a good second day of races, hang in there team!


Race day 3: The sailors are half way through the regatta and are all starting to get used to the strong conditions over at Pattaya. The winds were slightly lighter than yesterday’s but the sailors were not complacent and sailed the hardest they could. There were not much crew mistakes as all the trimmers trimmed to their best and the foredeck performed clean hoist and drops. Stingray (PQ’s KReW) experienced a Chinese gybe on the last down wind but had a fast recovery. Overall, the 2 races today was really a test of the sailor’s endurance and tactics. Tomorrow will be the last day of races, give your best sailors!




^Poor thing, one of our song tiows broke down right infront of the u-turn before the entrance of the marina. So we had to push it out of traffic and walk all the way into the marina.

Race day 4: Final day of races and everyone is pumped and ready to end it with a bang! The wind conditions were the same though there were signs of rain in the morning. The starts for the last 2 races were not too ideal for the boats Nataya, Naiad and Stingray as they struggled to start on time. Stingray almost crashed into Naiad and Fox in the first race giving the crew quite a heart attack. The sailors finished all the races with their best ability. Even though the teams were at the back of the fleet most of the time as the other platus had seriously insane height and speed, the sailors never admitted defeat and always gave their 110%! After races, we headed back to ambassadors for a final team debrief about the whole regatta. Everyone shared their key takeaways in terms of both sailing and non-sailing. The day ended with the closing ceremony, a great birthday celebrations for 2 of our lovely team mates Alison and Lionel, and of course kangaroo court! Overall, though the team didn’t manage to bring home a podium finish, the sailors learnt a whole lot during this regatta and can’t wait to train harder for the next one.

Results for overall regatta:
9th place: Stingray (PQ’s crew)
10th place: Dragon (crash team racing)
11th place: Nataya (Tripple A)
12th place: Naiad (BloveLY)

Congratulations on completing TOGR sailors!

13151511_995826960452662_295962728542826652_n (1).jpg




University Student Life Awards 2016

USLA 2016: Tonight is a good night for SMU Sailing! We brought home the GOLD award for the SMU Excellence in Student Life Award and for the first time, we won the SMU Alumni Association CCA Award! A few of our sailors took home some great awards tonight as well. Amanda Ng won the SMU Outstanding Achievement Award and our MVP, Ms Terena Lam won both the SMU Outstanding Achievement Award in Student Life and SMU Excellence Award in Student Life Gold Award! Congratulations SMU Sailing! We want to thank the 11th Executive Committee, the Office of Student Life and SMU Sports Union for all their support and hard work that brought us these wonderful achievements today!

12418077_968845029817522_8818835988939016799_n (1).jpg

Keelin’ It 2016

Yesterday, SMU Sailing held their first ever pilot event at the bay–KEELIN’ IT, where we took some SMU undergrads, post-grads and the public out to sail on the SB20s and SM40s! The event was a huge success and we have many people to thank!

Firstly, we would like to thank SingaporeSailing for the lending us the boats and equipment and also not forgetting the staff from SSF for helping us transport people off and onto the boats. Next, we would like to thanks DBSSailing by the bay for collaborating with us and Polka for sponsoring the awesome Plenish isotonic drinks for the event! And lastly, we want to thank the participant and the SMU Sailing Alumni and volunteers who came down yesterday; your help and support meant a lot to this event and it wouldn’t have been a success without all out you!

Hope everyone had a blast yesterday out at the bay, though the rain was relentlessly pouring down on us, it was great to see that everyone still came down out of their love for Sailing or just simply wanting to experience something new! Cheers to many more of such events to come!

12705634_951823354853023_4152585792703645641_n (1).jpg


Nongsa 2016

After a long boat D from Singapore to Nongsa (to which felt like forever) in the choppy seas, we finally reached the Nongsa Marina and settled into our accommodation, all ready for the races to come.

Race day 1: T’was an eventful first day at the Nongsa regatta! Congrats to Team WEINER on Quarterdeck for coming in 1st place for Day 1 of the races. Tensions ran high as their bravado led to them swiping their hull against the Committee boat!
Nevertheless, they did well and ended the day with all smiles.
Not so lucky for madder than Mok as they went mad, scoring an OCS and crashing straight into the committee boat on their third and forth race after scoring 2 and 3 for their first 2 races.
There was much competition for the J24s as they were always sailing neck to neck with each other for almost every single race!
Let’s hope fair winds for the next 2 days of racing! Good job sailors!




Race day 2: Sailors faced challenging conditions throughout the day, with winds picking up through the course of the day. The sudden shower threw many sailors into the pit, searching for cover which proved futile after Race 6. Following dubious decisions from the previous day, and throwing in some cray waves and gusts, the weather sent some boats into a flurry back into shore. With SMUmad retiring from the races with a broken tiller, the rest of the boats carried on with Poseidon’s blessing to complete the races for the day. We heard a rumor that SMUmad hopes to finish all races for the last day of races!
After the races, the sailors went to Nagoya Hill for a scrumptious seafood dinner and a much needed massage! Hang in there team! One more day of racing!!!


Final day of races: And that’s a wrap for our very 1st Nongsa regatta! The last 2 races of the day proved to be challenging and a heck of an adventure as most of the boats decided to do a role swap for the very last race which sent both boats, QD and Shengli, into an accidental collision. Shengli’s bow smashed into QD’s extensions leaving them with a very convenient beer can holder at their bow! SMUmad ended their first race with a bang, as their main sheet “exploded” after that very race. And we all know “somebody gonna get hurt real bad” during kangaroo court tonight! This regatta was definitely an eventful one, full of “cluster f**ks” and laughter — an eye opener for all the freshmen sailors for sure!

Congratulations to all the sailors once again, and here are the overall results.

IRC Class:
2nd place: SMUve
3rd place: Quarterdeck
4th place: SMUmad

J24 Class:
1st: Quarterdeck
2nd: Shengli
3rd: JMM

A big thank you to everyone for making his regatta such a success! Can’t wait for the next one!

Photo credits: SEA Yatching Magazine






12662027_941992339169458_6275561796610664535_n (1).jpg

11140067_941992332502792_2336054091482520313_n (2).jpg

Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2016

Andddddd our sailors have landed in the sunny island of Langkawi! After a long and tiring afternoon of boat preparation, the sailors finally got the rest they needed over a small albeit sumptuous meal- an attempt to starve before the dreaded weigh in tomorrow! Good luck for the upcoming races team!


Race day 1: Though it was forecasted that offshore winds would be predominantly light to modest in the morning today, the sailors went out there and gave it their very best ; coming back with 2 bullets from the races today!! Very well done guys! Keep up the good work and press on!


Day 1 results:


Langkawi Race Day 2: Competition was strong today as the sailors tried their best to beat the winds and currents. The team fought hard to maintain their position, and managed to get 3rd placing for both the races today.

Day 2 results:


Langkawi Day 3: Finally, our sailors are half way through the RLYC regatta! After having a bad 2nd day, our sailors managed to pick themselves up, earning 2 bullets for the 2 races on the west coasts, where they were faced with huge waves, strong current and winds gusting between 15-20 knots! SMU did well in controlling their boat in this difficult condition where many others weren’t able to. So well done and keep up the good work for the rest of the regatta!

12523115_934543976580961_9128931349409014775_n (1).jpg

Day 3 results:


Langkawi 2016 Day 4: Winds were especially light today, which posed a challenge to the team as they fought head to head with the other lighter boats in their class. But nothing can bring the sailors down, coming in 1st for the first race and 4th in the second race today! Press on team!

12565543_934909533211072_2272452059262760553_n (1).jpg

^Poor Helms Woman, Ling Ying, being forced to wear a GoPro on her head today by the media team!

Day 4/Overall results:



12593957_935643299804362_2583691774019248345_o (1).jpg

18th SMU-RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta

Day 1: Strong winds greeted our sailors on the first day of this year’s Western Circuit Sailing Regatta. It was an eventful day as broaching, flying hats and collisions happened within a span of 4 races! SMUve opened with victory in the first race but dropped down the order in the next three races.  Despite numerous mishaps (a skied halyard, a spin that went fishing and a collision at the start line), SMUmad drove home the next two victories to take the overall lead. In the J/24 class, Shengli fought hard and placed 2nd overall after the first day.

11892150_872895482745811_4456980548152450557_n 11855669_872895472745812_6628430922588498395_n


Day 2: A slight drizzle and medium winds at the start of race 4 brought excitement as boats jostled for a position on the line. In the IRC B class, with the prestigious President’s Cup at stake, SMUmad and SMUve nailed the start line in front of the favored bigger boats. Patchy winds, wind shifts and current challenged our sailors as they tried to get around the course. Eventually,victory for SMUmad extended their lead in the IRC B class.  In the J/24 class, there was no shortage of excitement as Shengli managed to start ahead and round the top and bottom mark ahead of Angel in race 6! With consistent finishes, Shengli was able to maintain their overall 2nd place position. 

11888063_873246346044058_3756676623570627381_n 11899762_873246322710727_974842088871335826_n 11866210_873246309377395_33299037631113808_n 11891184_873246289377397_5182271138691216211_n

Day 3: Despite cloudy skies and rain in the morning, winds remained a steady 12 knots throughout the day. With strong current and clear pressure lines, connecting the gusts and estimating the lay-lines were key to staying in front. After 3 long races, SMUmad emerged overall champions in the IRC B class and also took home the prestigious President’s Cup! SMUve also put up a good fight despite narrowly missing podium finish! In the J/24 class, Shengli sailed spectacularly and clinched overall 2nd place (even managing to beat Angel in the first race of the day)!

Congratulations to our sailors and thank you organizing committee, race committee, volunteers, sailors and everyone else who made this event such a success! We hope to see you all again at next year’s Western Circuit Sailing Regatta!

11951274_876119255756767_7841645939479781435_n-2 11223583_876119242423435_1307016133877906340_n-2 11924940_876119229090103_853308445016109215_n-2