CSC One design Keelboat sailing championships

Right after the end of our spring semester, our sailors begun training for our summer regattas. The CSC One Design Keelboat Sailing Championships was one of them! It has been 2 years since our smu sailors could experience this regatta, and it has been nothing but an honour to sail with the beautiful community including our very own alumni.

Many new firsts were made by our almost entirely freshie team this regatta, and nothing will stop them from growing even more for future regattas down the road!

From Racing Crew to Race Committee, all in one frame!
Team Ribena With their 4 freshie 1 alumni placing 3rd in the J24 Class with Shengli
Team Madmen With their 5 freshie crew placing 1st in the Plate 25 Class with SMUMad
A snapshot of Shengli during their last leg on the upwind with light winds
A snapshot of SMUMad during a strong upwind
Reconnecting with our SMUSailing Alumni after 2 days of racing together!

13th Yisunsin Cup 🇰🇷

While all of us are busy with assignment deadlines during “hell week”, two of our SMU Sailors (Bernice Foo & Christian Chang) were invited to represent Singapore 🇸🇬 in the 13th Yisunsin Cup! They teamed up with 3 sailors from Singapore Polytechnic and managed to secure a spot on the podium, finishing off in 3rd Place!🥉🏆 Congratulations on the outstanding performance in the international stage!

Lets hear from the sailors through this exclusive interview with them!

1. Which class of boat did you sail on, who are the crew members?

We were on the J-24 One Design class. The team consisted Andre Chew (Skipper), Evangeline Tan (Jib Trimmer), Myrren Foo (Pit), Bernice Foo (Mast) and Christian Chang (Bow).

2. Given the opportunity to represent Singapore and SMU in an international regatta, describe your feelings and experience.

Bernice: I feel extremely honoured and thankful for this opportunity. The experience was great, being in the same team with other tertiary students and not just SMU sailors also gave me the chance to learn from them and we had a great time together!

Christian: I am extremely grateful and honoured for this opportunity to represent Singapore in this regatta. Forming a team with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) sailors gave me the chance to learn from them outside of SMU and pit our skills against the other teams.

3. How is the competition like?

Bernice: Regatta was pretty competitive since it was a one-design fleet. The race courses were short as compared to other regattas, which meant that we cannot afford to have room for mistakes in our manoeuvres and tactics!

Christian: The fleet was very competitive since it was One Design. Furthermore, the courses were very short in contrast to many other regattas I’ve competed in. This meant that good starts, clean manoeuvres and decisive tactics would put the team up front.

4. Is it hard to manage “Project Hell Week” and the regatta itself?

Bernice: Definitely, I had to miss one presentation and rush my assignments every day after racing. It was tiring but it’s worth it in the end!

Christian: Of course! Having to miss lessons and submit assignments whilst overseas proved challenging but I think it trains one’s discipline and responsibility. I encourage all sailors to take up this opportunity should it present itself, it’s tiring but definitely worth it!

5. How does this develop you as a person?

Bernice: Sailing wise: As it was my first time doing mast for a regatta, I learnt how to assist my bowman and ensured that the manoeuvres are clean executed.

As a person: It develops me to be a better team player and also trains my self discipline as I had to juggle with both sailing and studies, having to miss one week of school. It also forces me to make use of my time productively and to get rid of idle time.

Christian: This regatta honed my self discipline as I was forced to juggle both racing and academics. With the lessons missed, the onus was on myself to catch up on what I had missed and trained myself to make use of time productively. The constant grapple between post-race sleep and studies was real, but ultimately, we are students after all.

6. How is Korea Cup different from other regattas?

Bernice: One thing that was very different from other regattas that I participated in is the weather. As it was nearing winter, the conditions were much harsher, especially when the cold wind blows.

Christian: The biggest difference was the weather! As Korea neared winter, racing conditions were harsher and the team had to adapt accordingly.

7. What is the biggest challenge in this regatta?

Bernice: The biggest challenge in this regatta was having to cope with our small Genoa sail. The Genoa was a smaller cut than others, which really affected our boat’s speed and height.

Christian: As this was the first time I competed as a bowman, I had to learn as much as I could within the short timeframe. I contacted many senior bowmans to find out some tips and tricks they employed to make their lives easier in addition to the minute details to watch out for that could potentially result in poor manoeuvres. I am thankful that as a skipper, I’ve constantly looked out for my bowman and noticed the potential pitfalls so I could avoid them.

8. What are the new things you learnt from this regatta?

Bernice: As mentioned earlier, its my first time doing mast as a role in a regatta and I learned a lot in terms of how to assist my bowman. I also learnt a few matchracing tactics in a fleet race. Lastly, as we were sailing with other tertiary students, they have a different style in sailing as compared to SMU. Hence, I learnt to adapt and adjust to my helm’s preferences.

Christian: My biggest takeaway would be teamwork and communication skills. The team had only two trainings together before this regatta which meant we had a lot of ground to cover. Furthermore, as we were from different clubs, our sailing styles and preferences are different. Throughout the three days of racing, we adjusted and adapted to each other’s preferences and styles and aimed to improve each day. Ultimately, it was a great learning experience.

Starry X Halloween 2k19

[Starry X Halloween]

As sailors, we study hard and party even harder. To celebrate the end of school and project hell week, we threw a costume party – Halloween Style!!! Special shout out to the winners of our costume contest:

Individual Category – Lynette (Koufu Auntie)

Couple Category- Issac and Zoe (Sloth & Tree)

Group Category – Chong Jie, Kevin, Marcus & Lynette (Me and my bros meme)

Don’t you wish you have a CCA as cool as us?

SMU Sailing 15th Anniversary

15th AnniversaryA Big Thank You to everyone for celebrating 15 years of SMU Sailing memories and good times with us!

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the Office of Alumni Relations, Office of Student Life, the Alumni Association, friends of SMU Sailing and many of our supporters for enduring and pushing us forward through the years. Special shoutout to Andrew Tam who continues to be a prevailing force of wisdom and energy for our club.

For those who might have missed segments of the night, check out our social media page for some highlights.

Wishing everyone fair winds and see you all at the 20th Anniversary event!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbours. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.”

22nd Western Circuit Sailing Regatta

Every year, SMU Sailing jointly organises the largest Keelboat Regatta in Singapore with Raffles Marina, the SMU – RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta. The event raises funds for Sailability SDSC and sees sailors from around the region gather to race against the best of the best…

Speaking of the best, SMU Sailing is represented by these 3 undergraduate teams and here are the overall results for the regatta!

SMUve – 3rd [IRC B]


SMUmad – 5th [IRC B]


Shengli – 4th [J24]

68445698_2327102460658432_3137637995306287104_o (1).jpg

Not to forget our Organising Committee!!69831983_1408107372669640_7421908219989065728_o.jpg

21st Western Circuit Sailing Regatta

What a successful 21st Western Circuit Sailing Regatta! Thanks to the organising committee from SMU Windsurfing & SMU Sailing, as well as the Raffles Marina Staff – all the hard work have finally paid off.

It is an honor to have our SMU President – Professor Arnoud De Meyer to grace the event, along with SMU Dean of Students Professor Paulin Straughan; OSL Managers – Mr Daniel Tan, Jinella Chua & Aaron Tan; SMU Office of Alumni Relations – Mr Andrew Tam. The annual charity auction raised SGD7550.95 to be donated to Sailability Singapore.

Western SMU Full 3.jpg


Our SMU Sailors were represented in the SB20, J24 & IRC B Class this year. Emerging second in the J24 Class isShengli, while, Born in Fire achieved third place in the IRC B Class!

Shengli Day 3 (5).jpg


BIF Day 2.jpg

Born in Fire

This annual regatta serves as an annual gathering of all past & present SMU Sailors. Western Circuit Sailing Regatta definitely holds a significant place in every SMU Sailor’s heart –  the friendships forged, memories made & lessons learnt (in & out of sea). Huge thanks to our alumni for all your support these years & many more years to come!


Join us for the 22nd Western Circuit Sailing Regatta & mark the dates: 17, 18 & 24th August 2019! See you there!

For more information, check out


RSYC Regatta 2018

Our sailors did SMU proud again! This time, at the annual RSYC Regatta, Team Chubby Cheeks, skippered by Bernice & Team #Kevpha, skippered by Ravipha clinched 1st & 3rd place in the IRC Class respectively.


Team Chubby Cheeks (from Left to Right): Darryl Tan, Tan De Xun, Bernice Foo, Sng Jia Ping, Koh Ling Ying, Isaac Peck


Team Chubby Cheeks (from Left to Right): Bernice Foo, Darryl Tan, Isaac Peck, Sng Jia Ping, Nicole Quek, Tan De Xun


Team #Kevpha (from Left to Right): Kenny Chee, Cherise Lei, Soh Weina, Ravipha, Kevin Goh, Chermian Lim


Li Ka Shing Cup (JUNE)

For a change, this year’s edition of the annual alumni-undergraduate sail event was conducted using SB20s! Thankfully, the sailing conditions were in our favour this time — winds were pretty good and it wasn’t a sunny day. And, unlike the usual penalties, the sailors had to sing, pose, do circles & additional hoists and drops downwind. All the inner talents & practical skills in play were commendable and every sailor, even the alumni, were sporting! As Li Ka Shing Cup is still a race afterall, our sailors went all out to impress the race committee and took every race seriously. On behalf of the 14th EXCO & Alumni EXCO, we would like to thank everyone who came for the event!

photo_2018-07-01_22-11-44Ravi's Bows 2

Team Ravi’s Bows — James, Weina, Ravi & Darryl (From Left to Right)

Heavy Weight & Team Darr

Team Darryl & Heavy Weight Champions — Chong Jie, Zhenghan, Chantel, Annabelle, Lenny, Calvin, BDJ, Dexun (From Left to Right)


The Champions goes to Team B! [Alexi, Yumei, Cherise & Kevin]


Second Place goes to Team Renfred! [Renfred, Sheryl, Colin Tan, Bryan]


Third Place goes to Heavy Weight Champions! [Lenny, Annabelle, BDJ, Dexun]

Sail Camp 2K18

This year’s Sail Camp was held in Johor Bahru and Raffles Marina. The 2D1N trip to Johor Bahru with the sailors was filled with fun, laughter and all smiles! Our first stop after breakfast at Hua Mui Restaurant, was the TRAMPOLINE PARK! Amazingly, our sailors once again proved to be talented in all sports, including the execution of stunts at the trampoline park. The second stop was the famous duck rice shop for lunch, followed by massage/tea/shopping at KSL Shopping Mall.

Known for being bottomless pits, we ended the night at a night market before heading back to the villa to watch the World Cup! Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Raffles Marina for Bar-to-Bar, our sailing tradition where each batch sails as a team and competes against other batches. There were three teams this year — Freshies (Bryan, Kevin, Chong Jie, Ravipha, Marcus), Year 2s (Bernice, Kenny, Joel, Rebecca & Nicole) and Year 3/4/Alumni (Alexandra, BDJ, Annabelle, Cherise, Chantel, Yumei). This year’s penalties were mostly directed to the Year 2 batch. They had to swap roles: Bernice (Helm), Kenny (Bow), Joel (Mains), Rebecca (Pit/Mast), Nicole (Jib). Surprisingly, this team managed to lead the fleet of three teams. But, eventually lost out to the Year 3/4/Alumni team at the last leg. After the completion of Bar-to-Bar, everyone hung out at the swimming pool to play and eat, before ending the day.