About SMU Sailing

Hello and welcome to our very own SMU Sailing site! Made up of enthusiastic sailors based in SMU who are passionate about racing keelboats during our spare time, SMU Sailing has come remarkably far and celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2019. Contrary to what many think, some of us are not sailors from young, but have trained to become competent keelboat racers through an intensive program with renowned sailors, sustained by our love for sea. So as long as you are seeking a sea adventure or some adrenaline pumping racing action, no matter what your experience is, come join the award winning SMU Sail Team!

A History of our Club

The SMU Sailing Club was founded in 2004 by a group of friends who enjoyed nothing more than to be out on the water together. Years later, the club has grown to accommodate an expanded fleet of boats and membership but our sailors have always kept our underlying principles of friendship, teamwork and passion while creating waves in the sailing community all around the world.

With the invaluable support of Singapore Management University‘s (SMU) Office of Student Life, SMU Sailing has gone where no other university sports club has gone before. Over the years we have made many friends of sailing and have impressed sailors from all over the world with our enthusiasm, passion and eagerness to learn from the sport.

Being a university sports club, SMU Sailing is focused on the development of leadership qualities in our sailors through the numerous opportunities to organize, plan and run events. We aim to enhance the critical skills that sailors learn on the water so that they can apply them in the corporate world.

The SMU Sailing club continues to grow from strength to strength as we recruit both experienced and non experienced sailors from the SMU community annually. As the club members graduate from the university, they still keep in touch with club members through the alumni group. These bonds between the undergraduates and the alumni is one of the reasons why SMU Sailing club is so special.

The club currently owns 6 keel-boats and 2 SB20s berthed at Raffles Marina that we use for regular water training on the weekends. The club competes regularly in many local regattas as well as regattas held in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, the team also travels to Philippines, Korea, Italy, Greece, China and Australia for major regattas.

Above all, the SMU Sailing club is more than just a sports team. We are a family.