CSC One design Keelboat sailing championships

Right after the end of our spring semester, our sailors begun training for our summer regattas. The CSC One Design Keelboat Sailing Championships was one of them! It has been 2 years since our smu sailors could experience this regatta, and it has been nothing but an honour to sail with the beautiful community including our very own alumni.

Many new firsts were made by our almost entirely freshie team this regatta, and nothing will stop them from growing even more for future regattas down the road!

From Racing Crew to Race Committee, all in one frame!
Team Ribena With their 4 freshie 1 alumni placing 3rd in the J24 Class with Shengli
Team Madmen With their 5 freshie crew placing 1st in the Plate 25 Class with SMUMad
A snapshot of Shengli during their last leg on the upwind with light winds
A snapshot of SMUMad during a strong upwind
Reconnecting with our SMUSailing Alumni after 2 days of racing together!

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