Li Ka Shing Cup (JUNE)

For a change, this year’s edition of the annual alumni-undergraduate sail event was conducted using SB20s! Thankfully, the sailing conditions were in our favour this time — winds were pretty good and it wasn’t a sunny day. And, unlike the usual penalties, the sailors had to sing, pose, do circles & additional hoists and drops downwind. All the inner talents & practical skills in play were commendable and every sailor, even the alumni, were sporting! As Li Ka Shing Cup is still a race afterall, our sailors went all out to impress the race committee and took every race seriously. On behalf of the 14th EXCO & Alumni EXCO, we would like to thank everyone who came for the event!

photo_2018-07-01_22-11-44Ravi's Bows 2

Team Ravi’s Bows — James, Weina, Ravi & Darryl (From Left to Right)

Heavy Weight & Team Darr

Team Darryl & Heavy Weight Champions — Chong Jie, Zhenghan, Chantel, Annabelle, Lenny, Calvin, BDJ, Dexun (From Left to Right)


The Champions goes to Team B! [Alexi, Yumei, Cherise & Kevin]


Second Place goes to Team Renfred! [Renfred, Sheryl, Colin Tan, Bryan]


Third Place goes to Heavy Weight Champions! [Lenny, Annabelle, BDJ, Dexun]


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