Sail Camp 2K18

This year’s Sail Camp was held in Johor Bahru and Raffles Marina. The 2D1N trip to Johor Bahru with the sailors was filled with fun, laughter and all smiles! Our first stop after breakfast at Hua Mui Restaurant, was the TRAMPOLINE PARK! Amazingly, our sailors once again proved to be talented in all sports, including the execution of stunts at the trampoline park. The second stop was the famous duck rice shop for lunch, followed by massage/tea/shopping at KSL Shopping Mall.

Known for being bottomless pits, we ended the night at a night market before heading back to the villa to watch the World Cup! Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Raffles Marina for Bar-to-Bar, our sailing tradition where each batch sails as a team and competes against other batches. There were three teams this year — Freshies (Bryan, Kevin, Chong Jie, Ravipha, Marcus), Year 2s (Bernice, Kenny, Joel, Rebecca & Nicole) and Year 3/4/Alumni (Alexandra, BDJ, Annabelle, Cherise, Chantel, Yumei). This year’s penalties were mostly directed to the Year 2 batch. They had to swap roles: Bernice (Helm), Kenny (Bow), Joel (Mains), Rebecca (Pit/Mast), Nicole (Jib). Surprisingly, this team managed to lead the fleet of three teams. But, eventually lost out to the Year 3/4/Alumni team at the last leg. After the completion of Bar-to-Bar, everyone hung out at the swimming pool to play and eat, before ending the day. 




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