J24 & Platu 25 Championships 2018

The annual regatta held at Changi Sailing Club saw the induction of the Platu 25 Class this year! Representing SMU Sailing in the new competitive class of boats are none other than SMUve and SMU MAD. As for the J24 Class, our SMU team comprised of Jangan Main-Main (JMM) and Shengli.

Over the course of the regatta, there was an equal share of rain & shine. However, our SMU Sailors strived to do their best and ultimately, 3 out of 4 SMU teams clinched podium finishes for this regatta.

There were 6 races in total for the Platu Class and 5 races for the J24 Class. Saturday was a rainy day, bringing about strong winds and the heavy rain blurred visions in the distance. Despite the heavy rain and strong winds on Saturday, SMUve managed to finish first of the fleet for both races, placing them in a favourable position for a podium finish after the first day of racing. Sunday, however, was a sunny day with light winds. It served as a good test of our sailors abilities to trim their sails to the right angles and spot for gusty patches amidst the shifty winds throughout the course. Like every regatta, there are always things to learn and our sailors definitely picked up some learning points over the weekend. Congratulations to all the teams who won! And, to those who didnt, train harder and remain positive!


Picture 1 – Crew of Shengli: [From Left to Right] Joel Tay, Annabelle Lam, Alexandra Koh, Cherise Lei, Brandon Heng


Picture 2 – Crew of SMU MAD: [From Left to Right] Soh Weina, Jarrett Goh, Bernice Foo, Chantel Ng, Darryl Tan, Isaac Peck


Picture 3 – Crew of SMUve: [From Left to Right] Rebecca Goh, Marcus Ee, Calvin Lim, Chong Jie, Lynette Ng, Kenny Chee


Picture 4 – Sailors representing SMU Sailing


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