3rd Nongsa Regatta

The 3rd Nongsa Regatta marked the very first regatta of the year for SMU Sailing! Despite the treacherous boat delivery from Raffles Marina to Nongsa Point and back, our sailors definitely had an enjoyable time in and out of water. For many of the freshmen, it is their first regatta representing SMU Sailing, and we are immensely proud of their performance! Nongsa Point was known for its strong winds, a very different set of conditions from where we usually train. Despite that, our sailors proved their competence and tenacity to go beyond their comfort zone and achieve greater heights! SMU Sailing is proud to announce that all our four boats had gained podium finishes! SMUve and SMUmad achieved 2nd and 3rd place respectively for the IRC class! For the J24 class, Shengli and Quarterdeck clinched 1st and 3rd Place respectively! Congratulations to all our sailors and go Team SMU Sailing!


madNongsa 2018qd winshengz winsmuve


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