14th Executive Committee

As we step into Year 2018, we would like to formally introduce our 14th Executive Committee! Introducing our Madam President & TDO — Bernice Foo. Under her lead, this lady ensures that the club is in order. Next up, our Vice President — Kenny Chee! Apart from being known as “Teddy Bear Kenny”, he is Bernice’s right-hand man (first sidekick). Bernice’s second sidekick is Honorary General Secretary — Darryl Tan! Despite being known for his quirky personality and sassiness, he definitely does a job well-done as the club’s HGS. Being a handyman, this guy eagerly takes over as Logistics Director — Isaac Peck! A strong passion in fixing and piecing things together, we are definitely lucky to have him take on this role! Although she whines a lot and drinks water on the downwind, we trust in our Finance Director, Chermian Lim, to keep our accounts and funds safe. Lastly, we have our Marcomms Director, Nicole Quek! Having a “mother-like” figure, she hopes to fulfil exco duties while discovering her American Dream.

Exco Photo


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