Transworld Invitational 2015 Platu25 Regatta

With Bryan losing his passport, overweight luggage and Jia almost forgetting her luggage code, our Transworld team had an exciting time at the airport as they prepared for their flight to Thailand!

10649728_809476542421039_5094698731191579959_n 10995707_809476512421042_8830729021201497826_n

With a smooth practice race, our sailors were warmed up and ready to take on Thai waters!

10314722_810018102366883_4441442695117135450_n 11083934_810017995700227_3009202962721510456_n

Day 1: 4 races were completed in light to medium winds. With shifty conditions and varying wind strengths, our sailors came in 8th overall after today’s racing. With 4 races on Saturday and another 3 on Sunday, our sailors hoped to climb up the ranks.

11079596_810659365636090_8348766951740753571_n 10411747_810659378969422_2280671776868853719_n 11083619_810659432302750_784818879781677078_n

Day 2 of racing brought an average of 12 knots of wind. With a 9, 8, 6 & 5 for today’s races, our sailors managed to perform consistently and improve throughout the day. Our sailors concluded the day with the movie, Cinderella!

11073315_811908135511213_1792983349336096612_n 10479043_811908118844548_5709628256543978340_n

With a 2, 8 and 5, our sailors concluded day 3 in 8th place overall!

Congratulations to our Transworld team and may they return safely to Singapore.


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