21st Singapore Straits Regatta

Light winds greeted our sailors on the very first day of the Singapore Straits Regatta. With the outhaul on QD breaking 10 minutes before the first race, it added to our ever growing list of equipment failures. Shengli faced a different kind of equipment failure, as their Mast-woman attempted to strangle herself in the jib sheets when they tacked. The stress must be getting to her. Our teams raced well, with Shengli having consistent top place finishes. Thus, Shengli ended Day 1 tied in first place with Shun Fung Too. After a long day of racing, our teams went for a well-deserved seafood dinner!



3 races were conducted on Day 2 in medium winds with Shengli finishing 1,3,3, and QD finishing 4, 4, 4. Our sailors sailed hard despite the tricky conditions and performed consistently.

1560779_790158454352848_540030607117469093_n 10953964_790158451019515_7056594802025378014_n

Day 3 brought with it an average of 8 knots of wind. Our teams finished in 3rd (Shengli) and 4th (QD) placing for the passage race.

10933946_790526024316091_2336993122429245343_n 10609644_790526107649416_7183247455864230356_n

The last day of SSR ended eventfully with Shengli tearing a spin and QD broaching during the passage race. Our sailors enjoyed good winds averaging 15 knots, with gusts reaching 18 knots. The day concluded with a sumptuous buffet at ONE°15.

Overall results:
Shengli 3rd
QD 4th

Results at – http://www.straitsregatta.com/results.php

IMG_3774 IMG_3772

IMG_3771 IMG_3773

Congratulations to both teams! It has been a challenging regatta but our sailors have done well, made memories and gained valuable experience. Thank you SSR for keeping our sailors safe and hosting another great regatta!

Now…  it’s back to the books (and back to reality) for our sailors!


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