Welcoming the 9th Executive Committee

Good evening sailors!

This is slightly belated but let us officially welcome the 9th Executive Committee!!!

9th Executive Committee

We have Terena Lam, better known as Terna, as our new president!! Apart from being gifted at the bow, some things you might find useful to know about her would be her unhealthy love for beer, a hidden love for singing, and occasional disappearance when she goes into hibernation in a cave (either her room or the quiet corner of the SMU library). Flanking her side comes Wei Chong, who is responsible for our gym sessions, the safety of the team, as well as being the man to go to when you need help (not for eating, though). He has an occasional tendency to flirt with guys, but in all honesty is straight as an arrow. Next, we have Lynette as our general secretary. While she seems quiet and demure at first sight, do not be fooled by this facade as she is truly bubbly and talkative once you know her. Some bite-sized facts about her are that she loves purple to bits and her handwriting is incredibly neat. Mok Zhi Wei, aka Mok or Mok-a-doo, or Voldemok, is our training and development officer. He has been planning the trainings for the team whilst taking an insane number of modules in school and doing well for them. That is one amazing feat only Mok is capable of. However, he can also be very unlucky. Just recently, there was an incident where he lost his balance while tacking during a competition. As things turned out, it was caught on the official regatta video and everyone saw it. At least he is a good sport! Let me next introduce the one responsible for handling all the club money, Melissa Goh, known affectionately as Mel. Some things you should be aware of are that she likes to roll her eyes behind her sunglasses, and loves singing (watch her videos on her facebook)! There was also once where she did not wash her hair after a gym training, and it has become well-known. However, the title of being the dirtiest of us all still belongs to Seah Yujia, the logistics officer, and I mean it not just literally. She also loves to decorate her face with colourful zinc during trainings despite looking like a clown. She desires to be arm-pits with Mel. As for myself, Pu Fang, who likes to be known as poof, I am the Marketing and communications officer, and am the only sane one in the whole Exco! I kid.

That’s all for now, and have a great weekend ahead! 🙂


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