China cup international regatta wrap up

So you’ve heard about the 20+ knots winds, 4m long waves and yah meh being swung across the boom while we were heading downwind but in spite of the battering our bodies took through the conditions, i’m sure many of us would definitely do it all over again. Now, its back to school and work for all of us but we’ve got the memories and experiences to share. Lets take a look at some of the photos we’ve taken during the race:


Special mention to our team photographer Winfrid who got us these wonderful pictures

This year, the China Cup team faced conditions that was not normally experienced at the race area – this could perhaps been because of a tropical storm which was just crossing somewhere below Hong Kong. Nonetheless, the team put up a good fight to the finish, scoring consistently below 18 and 0 BFDs (black flag disqualifications). Thanks to Calvin, our ever fearless helm who would point up as high as he dared during the starts as long as there was a windward boat blocking our bow number from the committee boat. Our ever vigilant tactican who would notice anything and everything on the boat, including a stray halyard. The trimmers on the boat who grinded like there was there no tomorrow at the starts. The pit crew who fed and clothe us and made sure everything went smoothly on the boat. The mastman for holding out the boom and sending the sails up double quick time. The bow team for fixing everything from the deck onwards. Last but not least, we would like to thank our self proclaimed boat boss and angel – i trust that there are many moments when Cat saved your sorry butt – for being there to help the team.

The racing was intense and this was seen right from the start when the team was trying to catch up to the other more experienced boats. Although the team lost a couple of positions here and there, we never gave up and tried to regain lost ground (especially downwind).

We would have not been so fortunate to race in such a prestigious regatta and have the experience of a lifetime if not for the following people:

Roy Chua who helped us with all our travel arrangements, beiing there for us on shore and doing up the tack trackers. We’ll never forget the SPA @ Shenzhen.

Andrew Tam who continueously built the relationships we had with our sponsor Modern Media and the China Cup Regatta comittee and all the planning that made the regatta happen for SMU Sailing.

Yuna who was part of the China Cup Regatta comittee who continued to show tremendous support to SMU Sailing.

Modern Media who for the 2nd year sponsored SMU Sailing in the CCIR. This year they gave us each 4 new awesome racing shirts and we raced with the spinnaker they bought for us last year. For those who may not have heard of them, they are a media company that publishes magazines in Hong Kong and China. They’ve also recently started to publish bloomberg newsweek in chinese. Do check them out if you happen to be there!

Barry the chief sail maker from UK Sails who taught us all we needed to know about spilcing ropes and mousing lines down the mast.

Thanks to Guz Wilkinson who so graciously allowed us on Rikki Tikki Tavi to practice before the race. The water time on board the boat was really essential

Check out our races at on the tack tracker @

For many of our sailors, this will be one of the biggest keelboat events that they have experienced with a 40 footer one design fleet with 30 boats at the start line and 80 plus boats on the water. And for that, we will also like to thank the China Cup organizers for putting together such a remarkable event!

For full results, you may visit the event website @

Watch the China Cup Videos @

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

And finally lets sit back and relax as we laugh at Calvin struggling through an interview in chinese:

Look out for Go-pro videos coming soon!

Looking forward to China Cup 2013 =)


SMU Sailing Club


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