China Cup International Regatta 2012

A professional sounding caucasian voice announces through the radio : “Welcome competitors to the China Cup International Regatta” – that has to be the most distinctive part of the entire regatta which immediately sets itself apart from the usual regattas we are used to. The China Cup International Regatta is not only well managed with its internationally accredited race committee but also well known for the competitors racing the One Design Beneteau 40.7 who are internationally renowned and are a force to be reckoned with.

Here are some pictures taken back in 2011 CCIR


This year’s team comprises of:

  • Skipper: Calvin Lim
  • Tactician: Alexi Lim
  • Mains Trimmer: Eric Loh
  • Jib Trimmer: Brandon Heng
  • Jib Trimmer: Wei Chong
  • Pit: Justin Siau
  • Pit: Gwen Quek
  • Mast: Yahmeh
  • Bow: Winfrid Wong
  • Bow: Terena Lam
  • Floater (and self proclaimed boat boss): Catherine Chua

We are also accompanied by:

  • Team Manager: Roy Chua

So when people ask why the heck would you skip school during week 11 in the middle of projects and important lessons, I hope your answer will be – Because I’d rather be sailing =)


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