New to SMU sailing?

Its that time of the year again where SMU Sailing is on the hunt for fresh blood who love adventure, the sea and adrenaline from racing. So whats SMU Sailing about?

Understanding SMU Sailing in 5 Steps

1) Watch the SMU Sailing Vivace Video to know what Sailing is

Please “like” the facebook post if you enjoyed the video, we stand to win a prize for the most “likes”. Cheers!

2) So how are the trainings like?

 3) So where in the world do we compete?

Just recently in May, SMU Sailing participated in the inaugural Top of The Gulf Regatta (TOTG) held in Thailand, Pattaya and Team SMU of Hi Jinks won 2nd place (IRC 3) amongst other achievements. To understand what is a regatta and to watch Team SMU in action at the TOTG click below:

Top of the Gulf Regatta 2012

 4) What does the club stand for?

 5) What is the culture of the club?

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I’m interested! So what now?

1) Sign up for Sailing 101 on either the 25th August, 26th August, 1st September, 2nd September by clicking the link below:

2) Join the club for gym sessions every Wednesday starting on the 29th of August, 730pm


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