TOTG Warriors

The battle lines are drawn as the SMU Sailing TOTG Warriors assemble in their boat groups and here, introducing the 2012 TOTG contingent:

Skippered by ex-national sailor and Battle @ the Bay 3 Champion Shaun TOH. He is without a doubt one of the most experienced skippers in SMU and this is his 3rd outing at TOTG. Shaun divides his free time outside waters taking amazing photos and  fixing stuff with marine tech epoxy.

The next platu is skippered by ex-national sailor and WORLD byte champion Calvin LIM. Also another truly remarkable skipper in SMU, this is Calvin’s 2nd time at TOTG and in his 2 years in SMU, he has led both himself and the club to numerous podium finishes in international regattas. Calvin spends his free time and good charms liberally getting everyone but himself drunk on alcohol.

Finally SMU Sailing’s very own champion optimist sailor, winning several championship titles in CSC and also a ex-national sailor himself: Gregory HO. Also his 2nd time in TOTG as a skipper, Greg has learnt many valuable lessons from Ocean Marina and he intends to use this to his team’s advantage on the bigger and faster X99. Gregory spends his free time pampering the love of his life Yuhui.

Finally, presenting the entire 2012 TOTG Warriors in full glory:


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