SMU Sailing gets a new SB3

Take a journey together with our new SB3 from Bob Comstock’s Factory to its new home, Raffles Marina.

2 years this award winning boat sat in Bob’s factory and finally it saw light and many more days on sails. Both Andrew and Bob admiring the SB3.

The EMAS tow truck finally arrives and ready to tow the SB3 to Raffles Marina

View from the tow truck. As you can see to the right, Andrew’s reindeer is loaded with our new platu and J24 sails on the way to RM too.

SMU’s new SB3 joining the SB3 fleet at RM.

So whats gonna be our new boat’s name?? Stay tuned to find out more.

Thanks again to Bob for giving us his beloved SB3, SMU Sailing will put this boat out into the water soon and hopefully we’ll win some medals.


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