I’d seriously rather be sailing!

If you were on Twitter or Facebook last evening, you’d probably have seen many depressing posts such as “S*** gets real now”, “Snap back to reality”, “No more free beer..” etc. This goes to show how much we are already missing the China Cup Regatta.

Well, I guess I will let the photos do the talking for now: 

Thanks Windzee for this picture

More pictures at http://www.chncup.com/index.php?action=pics&id=169&pid=1410

Photo of Fareast team

Fareast team with their prize


Race day 1: http://www.chncup.com/index.php?action=video&id=50

Race 2/3: http://www.chncup.com/index.php?action=video&id=63

Race 4/5/6: http://www.chncup.com/index.php?action=video&id=62

Of course we would like to congratulate our UWA-alumni Team for coming in 3rd overall! Good job to the team of Remy, Louis Pek, Jun Jia, Karene Seah and Su Jun who faced formidable opponents in the Fareast 26 class. Barely 3 points away from the eventual winners Team Constantwind and losing on countback after a tiebreak with Shanghai Team, our alumni team has indeed performed very well despite a lack of training and knowledge of the boat.

And of course, not forgetting the heroes on board the Beneteau 40.7, they also had some impressive results including a 5th position among the 29 strong one-design fleet. These people on board managed to hit their target of 15th place. It is a remarkable achievement considering that they hardly ever sailed on boats longer than 25 feet and faced professional competition from all over the worldr

Last but not least, there’s also our team daddy, Andrew Tam. Many thanks for volunteering to run the tack tracker system and taking care of our welfare throughout the event. (Do check out our exciting races @ http://tacktracker.com/web/races?rgid=1985022049

SMU Sailing would like to thank our sponsor Modern Media, who gave us a brand new spinnaker and 4 fantabulous sailing shirts each. For those who may not have heard of them, they are a media company that publishes magazines in Hong Kong and China. Do check them out when you happen to be there!

We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who helped us along the way. To Sarab and Robert, thanks for being so kind to lend us your awesome boats, Windsikher and Tantrum, to practice for this regatta as well as teaching us a thing or two about racing bigger boats. To team Maxi, Andrew Paul, Justin Wong as well as Jeremy Chase, thanks for your help and guidance. Without all you guys, we certainly would have been further at the back of the pack.

For many of our sailors, this will be one of the biggest keelboat events that they have experienced with over 80 boats on the water. And for that, we will also like to thank the China Cup organizers for putting together such a remarkable event!

For full results, you may visit the event website @ http://www.chncup.com/index.php?action=news&method=news&id=2180

And I’m already looking forward to China Cup 2012=)


SMU Sailing Club


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