Because I’d rather be sailing

As the end of the semester draws to a close, so do all the deadlines for presentations and project reports. But, just before you get all depressed about week 11, let me share some awesome pictures courtesy of China Cup 2010:

Coming Deepavali, 8 undergrads and 3 alumni of SMU sailing will be heading up to Hong Kong and Shenzhen for a 7-day hiatus! They will be taking part in the China Cup International Regatta 2011 on board a Beneteau 40.7, which proved to be more than an eye-opener for the lucky few who participated in 2010. How often do you see a one-design fleet of 30 x 40-footers!

The team comprises of

  • Skipper: Shaun Toh
  • Tactician: Calvin Lim
  • Mains Trimmer: Gregory Ho
  • Jib Trimmer: Eric Loh
  • Jib Trimmer: Peiquan
  • Pit: Fidelis Tan
  • Pit: Zixian
  • Mast: Brandon Heng
  • Bow: Winfrid Wong
  • Bow: Alexi Lim
  • Floater (and self proclaimed boat boss): Catherine Chua

We are also accompanied by:

  • Team Manager: Andrew Tam
  • Far-east 26 UWA-Alumni Team: Remy, Louis Pek, Su Jun, Karene and Jun Jia.

Which brings me to the title of this post..
Going away in Week 11! Why??? Because I’d rather be sailing =)

SMU Sailing


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