How far will you go?

In just a few hours time, the very best of Asia-Pacific’s match racers will be competing in the Asian Match Racing Championships (AMRC) in Terengganu, Malaysia. It is the qualifying regatta that will determine the team who will represent Asia-Pacific at the prestigious Monsoon Cup, the final leg of the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) with a prize purse of almost RM1.5 million.

But then, week 9 of the school term isn’t a time for SMU undergrads to fool around. No way will anyone be able to find time to drive up and watch this race. So the question is: what has SMU Sailing got to do with this?

Well you may have guessed, the answer is right here in this picture. One look at this handsome young dude and you’ll instantly feel his awesomeness splashing out of your computer screen. Casting aside an immense workload and a heavy backlog of projects, final year student Christopher Lim and his independent team will be competing against powerhouses from all over Asia and down under for the final qualifying spot in the Monsoon Cup.

Together on board Team Send It Sideways are:

Skipper: Maximilian Soh
Mains Trimmer: Christopher Lim
Jib trimmer: Justin Wong
Mast: Ivan Tan
Bowman: Andrew Paul Chan

You may not know these guys (other than Chris) but I’d like to point out that making it so far into professional sailing requires loads of sacrifice and passion. This is not as straightforward as any Olympic campaign where full support is given by the Sports Council. These people had to take valuable time off work, fund their campaign at various overseas competitions training stints, as well as put aside all other priorities in preparation for this competition. Which brings us to the title of this post: How far will you go to pursue your passion?

Well pardon me for all this talk as I am still reeling from the sheer awesomeness of Chris and his team. At the bottom line, SMU sailing would like to wish the team the very best at the AMRC. Hope to see you all on tv for Monsoon Cup!

Results can be followed online: and more information about the World Match Racing Tour can be found on


SMU Sailing


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