Battle @ the Bay III- Victory!

There you go, the day when Sebastien Vettel failed to be crowned F1 champion (yet) was also the day when Team SMU brought back this plaque for first place!

Kings of the Bay

The team of Shaun Toh (skipper), Alexi (mains), Samuel Ong (Jib trim), Eric (Mast) and Peiquan (bow) would like to thank all the supporters who came down on the 2 days. On top of that, the good luck wishes from everyone else probably helped the team to get out of many tight situations!

Not to forget Fi and Andrea who were sailing with Neil Semple’s team from Thailand, and Cat who sailed with Cai’s team. It is always comforting to see SMU sailors being represented in more boats than the sailing club is able to qualify.

Here are the summarised results:

  • Single Round Robin- Toh was 1st with 6 points, Jakobssen 2nd with 5 points, Cai 3rd with 4 points and Alegre 4th with 3 points.
  • Semis- Toh vs. Alegre 2-0, Jakobssen vs. Cai 2-0
  • Petit Finals- Alegre vs. Cai 0-2
  • Finals- Toh vs. Jakobssen 2-1

In the finals, Jakobssen won the first match, leading from start to finish, and continued his spectacular pre-start performance to win the start of the second match. However, against all odds, they fumbled with the spinnaker in the first downwind leg to hand over the lead and the point to Team SMU.

With the scores at 1-1, it was down to the last point of the series, and Toh managed to win the third start with 2 flags pinned against Jakobssen. However, a bad call on the first downwind leg saw the Thai team catching up and overtaking Team SMU from 20 boat lengths behind (Can you imagine the excitement on shore!).

However, keeping their cool, Team SMU managed to regain advantage on the second upwind leg to finish the race in Hollywood fashion. (PHEW!)

Once again, we would like to thank all our supporters, as well as the organising committee for bringing match racing into the bay. The dates coinciding with the F1 weekend couldn’t have been better, as the screaming engines that echoed throughout the bay got everbody’s adrenalin pumping. That mentioned, do look forward to our next match race event- the Constant Wind Match Racing Cup on the weekend of 8th-9th October at NSRCC. Till then, wishing everyone good winds and great seas..


SMU Sailing Club


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