Battle @ the Bay III- Team Profile

Hello dear readers!

For the first time and coinciding with the F1 weekend, SMU will be featuring our beautifully painted Platus inside Marina Bay! For those who witnessed the success of Bay Challenge @ the Promontory, SSF has decided to raise it a notch by hauling 4 platus under the helix bridge and sizing up the competition literally. But i’m guessing we will look tiny beside the Audi Ultra hahaha.

Well of course, what do we look out for when we see the SMU platus? The sailors of course! This time round, despite the mounting pressure from numerous mid-term exams, SMU sailing managed to put together a team of veteren match racers to fight for the trophy that has eluded us in the past 2 battles @ the barrage.

And here they are- TEAM SMU consisting of:

 Skipper: Shaun Toh Hong Yi

Mains Trimmer: Alexi Lim

Jib Trimmer: Samuel Ong

Pit-mast: Eric Loh

Bowman: Peiquan

You may ask… What’s Shaun doing with 4 jib trimmers on board?! Well, you’ll have to go down to the promontory to witness their match racing expertise for yourself! There are 6 other skippers who signed up, namely Joe Howe, Cai Weiguo, Thai MR expert Jon Eriksson, defending champion Fabrice Piard and 2 x SSF coaches teams. It will not be an easy battle on the water, and who knows where the wind conditions in the bay may bring us. So do come down to support us if you can, or simply wish us luck from whereever you are! (Warning signal for both days are at 1230pm) 


SMU Sailing Club

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