Good luck at Shenzhen!

SMU Sailing has produced many extraordinary talents, a few of these talents representing Singapore at the Universaide 2011 Shenzhen!!!

Chung Pei Quan – Sailing 470

The chungmeister!

Representing Singapore in the 470 class is none other than sailing extraordinaire Chung PQ. No introduction is needed for this young talented sailor, as his name spreads far and wide on the waters around the world. His chiseled abs and bronzed skin are testament to the long hours he put in during his summer vacation and his commitment to his one true love – Sailing. Full of confidence and spirit this young sailor had when leaving for Shenzhen that made his friends feel lucky that they were not competing against him!!

SMU Sailing wishes PQ good luck and we look forward to your glorious return!

Cyril Darren Chua Jing-Yuan – International Chess


This brainy sailor frequently stuns everyone with his bombastic words and sophisticated bullet train of thoughts, and this time it is time for him to show the world(Shenzhen) what his brains are made of!! Being able to juggle between sailing and chess, water and land is no easy feat!

Out-think, Out-smart and Out-class the opponent! SMU Sailing wishes Cyril good luck and we look forward to your glorious return!




Daniel Tan Wei Yang – Fencing

Some people know him as Daniel “Wayang” Tan, but he is better known as Dangerous Dan to his friends. This fencer/sailor extraordinaire has the makings to be the next Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean SMU edition! His ability to stick onto the foredeck as a bowman undoubtedly originated from him fancy footwork on the fencing arena. Dangerous Dan promises to be back to the sailing arena to WOW his fans once again, so stay tuned for the return of our sailor!

Go forth and poke your opponents into submission Dangerous Dan! SMU Sailing wishes Daniel good luck and we look forward to your glorious return.

For updated results on the games, check here!!

SMU Sailing Club


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