Well Done @ RSYC Regatta ’11

This year, SMU Sailing Club sent 3 teams to participate in the annual CORUM RSYC Regatta. While scrambling to defend themselves from the merciless sun over the 3 weekends, the teams battled it out on the water emerged victorious once again!!

ShengLi- J24 OD 2nd

In the J24 One Design class, it was a closely fought battle between 2nd and 3rd place. With commendable results that improved race-on-race, our sailors secured a come-from-behind second place over Hakuna Matata. On board Team ShengLi, we have:

  • Richard Low
  • Eric Loh
  • Alina Chia
  • Andrea Dragon
  • Brandon Heng

In the IRC B class, 3 platus fleet-raced in Singapore waters for the first time ever! The 3rd platu was skippered by Teo Wee Chin from NTU, on board one of SSF’s platu- KO 2. With only 4 points separating the top 3 placings after 8 races, our teams put on a remarkable performance to secure the top 2 positions.

SMUve- 1st IRC 'B' class

In first place, we have team SMUve:

  • Gregory Ho
  • Cyril Chua
  • Alexi Lim
  • Er Zixian
  • Calvin Lim
SMUmad- 2nd IRC'B' Class

In second place, we have team SMUmad:

  • Christopher Lim
  • Ng Yu Hui
  • Samuel Ong
  • Leonard Wee
  • Gwen Quek

And of course, how could we miss out the fantastic prizes given out every RSYC regatta. This year, the champion boat SMUve, walked away with… a SONY 40” LCD TV! Let’s see who’s the lucky one who will have the honour of bringing this TV home..

For full results, please visit:


SMU Sailing Club


One thought on “Well Done @ RSYC Regatta ’11

  1. Well Done SMU Sailing. Once again you have proven to to be the BEST even with training races (match race). Western Circuit Sailing Regatta would be your last till school start. I really hope we see more sailors signing up for races and events. We need to rotate our sailors.

    KUDOS to SMU Sailing!!!!

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