Well Done @ RSYC Regatta ’11

This year, SMU Sailing Club sent 3 teams to participate in the annual CORUM RSYC Regatta. While scrambling to defend themselves from the merciless sun over the 3 weekends, the teams battled it out on the water emerged victorious once again!!

ShengLi- J24 OD 2nd

In the J24 One Design class, it was a closely fought battle between 2nd and 3rd place. With commendable results that improved race-on-race, our sailors secured a come-from-behind second place over Hakuna Matata. On board Team ShengLi, we have:

  • Richard Low
  • Eric Loh
  • Alina Chia
  • Andrea Dragon
  • Brandon Heng

In the IRC B class, 3 platus fleet-raced in Singapore waters for the first time ever! The 3rd platu was skippered by Teo Wee Chin from NTU, on board one of SSF’s platu- KO 2. With only 4 points separating the top 3 placings after 8 races, our teams put on a¬†remarkable¬†performance to secure the top 2 positions.

SMUve- 1st IRC 'B' class

In first place, we have team SMUve:

  • Gregory Ho
  • Cyril Chua
  • Alexi Lim
  • Er Zixian
  • Calvin Lim

SMUmad- 2nd IRC'B' Class

In second place, we have team SMUmad:

  • Christopher Lim
  • Ng Yu Hui
  • Samuel Ong
  • Leonard Wee
  • Gwen Quek

And of course, how could we miss out the fantastic prizes given out every RSYC regatta. This year, the champion boat SMUve, walked away with… a SONY 40” LCD TV! Let’s see who’s the lucky one who will have the honour of bringing this TV home..

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