Launching of platus

4th June 2011 marks an exciting day in SMU Sailing’s calendar.  Not only because the poor souls on internship get a weekend off work. But also because our newly painted boats are being launched the right way! After a new paint job, SMUve and SMU Mad were ready to “wow” the sailors – on facebook.

Catch our freshly painted boats at SMU Sailing’s next exciting regatta – SSF June Match Race! SMUve and SMU Mad will definitely impress the entire barrage and so will 2 of our teams.

SMU Team 1:

Renfred Tay – Helm
Calvin Lim – Mains
Koh Ziyi – Trimmer
Brandon Heng – Bowman

SMU Team 2:

Chris Lim – Helm
Catherine Chua – Mains
Eric Loh – Trimmer
Alexi Lim – Bowman

Attention: There are new berthing techniques that will be shared with the whole club soon. This new style of berthing is to ensure that the stickers and paint last as long as possible. Abide by these rules, and we keep our boats pretty. Everyone will want to run their fingers through them!

SMU Sailing


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