Bay Challenge- Update!

After some intense Bahia action in marina bay and even more intense redress action at the bar, here are the results of the group stages (teams going on to the quarter finals):

Group A Winner: Morten (from Thailand, with Apple and Cat)

Group A Runner Up: Shaun Toh, with Bryan Teo and Samuel Ong

Group B Winner: Zhang Yong Qiang

Group B Runner up: Christopher Lim, with Calvin Lim and Yong Tat

Group C Winner: Jon Eriksson (Finnish team from Thailand, or Thai team from Finland, with Alina)

Group C Runner up: Christopher Pilo

Group D Winner: Jono, with David Ross and wife Therese and daughter

Group D Runner up: Rolf (The FOX, with Sean Ong and  Fidelis)

In group B, the teams of Chris, Yong Qiang and Prakash met with a 3 way tie, and Prakash’s team were the unfortunate ones who lost out according  to the ISAF rule book’s tie breaker system. Other than that, there wasn’t much excitement going on in the water except for 180 degree shifts, numerous penalties, and  even more (embarassing) capsizes!Oh, and that reminds me, who can guess correctly the team who took the honour of the first capsize of the day? Haha, come tomorrow to tell me your guess and there’ll be ice cold drinks as rewards!

Of course, Pei Mun (who sailed with Prakash and lost out at the 3 way tiebreaker) will still be there to support the other SMU sailors,  will YOU be there to support too? If so, here are some great watching spots- any of these towers: Marina Bay Financial Centre, One Raffles Quay, NTUC Building, Fullerton etc.. Haha, or you can just join us at the The Promontory@Marina Bay, Bay Challenge Tentage.

The matches for tomorrow’s Quarter Finals (commencing at 1000hrs):

Rolf vs. Morten

Chris P. vs Yong Qiang

Chris Lim vs Jon

Shaun vs Jono

These matches are not going to be easy as all these helms have awesome accolades and experience. Add to that the bullets of wind that hit the bay every half a second, boats will flip, sailors will yell, teams will be knocked out and blood will be drawn. Once again, best of luck to our SMU sailors, hope to see you all tomorrow!


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