Top of the Gulf Regatta 2011- Aftermath

It feels kind of sad that I am writing this post, because it means that we will have to wait another year till the next edition of the Top of the Gulf. Its a pity that I’m unable to share the wonderful experience other than through words and pictures (sorry there are some things that happened in Thailand that has to stay in Thailand!)  With 23 sailors and 2 support crew, our 25-strong army fought valiantly to do our school and SMU sailing proud, concluding what has proven yet again to be a remarkable trip up to the gulf. To those who have missed it, fret not. It is passion that counts, sail hard, stay focused and keep thinking about it, and in no time you will find yourself at the gulf experiencing it for yourself.

And Nataya’s about to be launched Backwards!

A summary of the results: From one of the most competitive Platu Class the the gulf has ever seen, our 3 Platu teams sweated it out and came in a admirable 6th, 7th and 10th position. Team Hijinks performed consistently to come in a remarkable 2nd position overall in the IRC 3 class.

Multiple thanks to the people who made this event happen:

  • To Singapore Management University and the people at the Office of Student Life, for taking care of us sailors and allowing TOGR to remain as one of the most anticipated event in SMU sailing’s calendar. This year’s TOGR would not have happened if not for your support.
  • To Singapore Sports Council, for being our fervent supporter and sponsor, which contributed to the overall success of our TOGR campaign.
  • To our team manager Andrew Tam, for sacrificing his precious time and putting so much effort in ensuring the smooth running of the trip.
  • To the Freshmen, for being the very livelihood of SMU sailing. Keep sailing and be the ones to bring new sailors up for the next TOGR
  • To our Seniors, for staying committed to our club after all these years. Some of you all had sailed your last race as an SMU student, but we hope to see you all coming back as alumni sailors.
  • To the sailors from UWA, for making time during your school term to show us the true meaning of a work-life balance, and getting drunk lol.
  • And of course to all our supporters, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends of friends etc. We need to thank you all because we all know it is not easy to live with one who keeps flying everywhere to sail!

To read more about what happened at the gulf, check out the the April bumber edition of the newletter under the newletter tab! Thank you for visiting and till then, we’ll see you at the windward mark 😀


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