Bay Challenge- Update!

After some intense Bahia action in marina bay and even more intense redress action at the bar, here are the results of the group stages (teams going on to the quarter finals):

Group A Winner: Morten (from Thailand, with Apple and Cat)

Group A Runner Up: Shaun Toh, with Bryan Teo and Samuel Ong

Group B Winner: Zhang Yong Qiang

Group B Runner up: Christopher Lim, with Calvin Lim and Yong Tat

Group C Winner: Jon Eriksson (Finnish team from Thailand, or Thai team from Finland, with Alina)

Group C Runner up: Christopher Pilo

Group D Winner: Jono, with David Ross and wife Therese and daughter

Group D Runner up: Rolf (The FOX, with Sean Ong and  Fidelis)

In group B, the teams of Chris, Yong Qiang and Prakash met with a 3 way tie, and Prakash’s team were the unfortunate ones who lost out according  to the ISAF rule book’s tie breaker system. Other than that, there wasn’t much excitement going on in the water except for 180 degree shifts, numerous penalties, and  even more (embarassing) capsizes!Oh, and that reminds me, who can guess correctly the team who took the honour of the first capsize of the day? Haha, come tomorrow to tell me your guess and there’ll be ice cold drinks as rewards!

Of course, Pei Mun (who sailed with Prakash and lost out at the 3 way tiebreaker) will still be there to support the other SMU sailors,  will YOU be there to support too? If so, here are some great watching spots- any of these towers: Marina Bay Financial Centre, One Raffles Quay, NTUC Building, Fullerton etc.. Haha, or you can just join us at the The Promontory@Marina Bay, Bay Challenge Tentage.

The matches for tomorrow’s Quarter Finals (commencing at 1000hrs):

Rolf vs. Morten

Chris P. vs Yong Qiang

Chris Lim vs Jon

Shaun vs Jono

These matches are not going to be easy as all these helms have awesome accolades and experience. Add to that the bullets of wind that hit the bay every half a second, boats will flip, sailors will yell, teams will be knocked out and blood will be drawn. Once again, best of luck to our SMU sailors, hope to see you all tomorrow!


Bay Challenge 2011, 14-15 May 2011

14th-15th May 2011

Enough of fleet racing, it high time we get started on the REAL stuff, match racing 😀 The Bay Challenge 2011 will be the second match race held in the Marina Bay Reservoir, but this time round, it gets closer to the audience with action being held within the CBD itself. Held  at the Promontory@Marina Bay, interns at ORQ will be able to look out of your windows and help us to spot some gusts!

For those who have not had the chance to experience the REAL deal, match racing basically means one v one racing. It will be all about tactics and boat speed,  and I’m not going to mention boat handling (it should be tip top or you’ll flop). 2 boats will face off at the 4 minutes start signal, entering the start line and holding each other out in order win the start when the gun goes.

Some people say half the battle is won at the start, but in order to make this advantage count, the leading boat must do all it can to defend its position for the rest of the laps. However, no one has ever raced in the waters off the promontory before, and I have very good reasons to believe that shifty winds will prevail. Furthermore, the Laser Bahia will be new to most and this is where racing will be taken to a whole new level.

There are 16 teams competing in group stages followed by the quarterfinals, semifinals, and the finals. Boats will capsize, tempers will flare, losers will be dunked, and winners will be crowned. Who will they be, let me introduce the 2 teams representing SMU sailing:

Team Charlie Lima: Christopher Lim, Calvin Lim, Ang Yong Tat

Team Boy Boy: Shaun Toh, Samuel Ong, Bryan Teo

The Laser Bahia

With both skippers Chris and Shaun having had massive amounts of match racing experience, they are the ones to watch out for in the Bay Challenge. Eyes will also be on Calvin Lim, a world champion who has recently won the Charlie Lima Award, as well as Ang Yong Tat who has valiantly ditched his books to make a comeback in the sailing scene.

Not forgetting Samuel Ong, who took part in the inaugral match race on board the Bahia last year and came in a respectable 4th position. Do lookout for Bryan Teo our secret weapon who picks up sailing skills at the speed of light. To the 6 of you them, show us some roll tacks and hiking action, and please please please do not capsize =O Haha, all the best for the races and bring the silverware back for the school!

Of course, SMU sailors, ever in demand in the corporate world, have proven themselves to be equally valuable in the sailing world. Altogether, we have 4 girls who will be crewing for 4 different boats. Yes you’re right, 4 girls. Fine, these teams needed someone lightweight, and of course they need people who are good at sailing 😉 The girls are:

Alina Chia, sailing with Thailand’s top match racers Jon and Til.

Catherine Chua, also sailing with the Thai team of Morton and Apple

Pei Mun, sailing with John Priestly, a SB3 racer and Prakash from Raffles Marina

Fidelis Tan, sailing with Rolf and Sean Ong

Somehow, it baffles me as to how SMU sailors secured 10 positions in the bay challenge. But 10 friends out on water in 6 different teams will give you many reasons to come down and support them in this match race. Racing will be held from 10am to 6pm on 14th and 15th May. Please check back for the best viewing spots, I’ll update it right here after I recee the place tomorrow. To get directions to the promontory, you can use this link:

Hope to see you there and thank you for reading!

Top of the Gulf Regatta 2011- Aftermath

It feels kind of sad that I am writing this post, because it means that we will have to wait another year till the next edition of the Top of the Gulf. Its a pity that I’m unable to share the wonderful experience other than through words and pictures (sorry there are some things that happened in Thailand that has to stay in Thailand!)  With 23 sailors and 2 support crew, our 25-strong army fought valiantly to do our school and SMU sailing proud, concluding what has proven yet again to be a remarkable trip up to the gulf. To those who have missed it, fret not. It is passion that counts, sail hard, stay focused and keep thinking about it, and in no time you will find yourself at the gulf experiencing it for yourself.

And Nataya’s about to be launched Backwards!

A summary of the results: From one of the most competitive Platu Class the the gulf has ever seen, our 3 Platu teams sweated it out and came in a admirable 6th, 7th and 10th position. Team Hijinks performed consistently to come in a remarkable 2nd position overall in the IRC 3 class.

Multiple thanks to the people who made this event happen:

  • To Singapore Management University and the people at the Office of Student Life, for taking care of us sailors and allowing TOGR to remain as one of the most anticipated event in SMU sailing’s calendar. This year’s TOGR would not have happened if not for your support.
  • To Singapore Sports Council, for being our fervent supporter and sponsor, which contributed to the overall success of our TOGR campaign.
  • To our team manager Andrew Tam, for sacrificing his precious time and putting so much effort in ensuring the smooth running of the trip.
  • To the Freshmen, for being the very livelihood of SMU sailing. Keep sailing and be the ones to bring new sailors up for the next TOGR
  • To our Seniors, for staying committed to our club after all these years. Some of you all had sailed your last race as an SMU student, but we hope to see you all coming back as alumni sailors.
  • To the sailors from UWA, for making time during your school term to show us the true meaning of a work-life balance, and getting drunk lol.
  • And of course to all our supporters, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends of friends etc. We need to thank you all because we all know it is not easy to live with one who keeps flying everywhere to sail!

To read more about what happened at the gulf, check out the the April bumber edition of the newletter under the newletter tab! Thank you for visiting and till then, we’ll see you at the windward mark 😀