Top of the Gulf Regatta 2011

SMU Sailing Contingent

 The largest ever fleet of sailing boats in Thailand is set to sail at the seventh Top of the Gulf Regatta (TOGR), held  29th April to 3rd May 2011 at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya, Thailand. With 251 boats and over 500 sailors of 30 different nationalities, this will be the largest annual sailing event in Thailand and the most anticipated event for all SMU sailors!

This year, SMU sailing will be fielding 4 teams in the event earmarked as a KPI in SMU Sailing’s calendar. After spending gruelling hours in Li Ka Shing library cramming for exams, our sailors have emerged mentally tougher, and with an increased capacity for the rigorous trainings that await them. With only a limited time to get up to speed, our teams have set up a demerit-point system to discourage poor sailing! To date, Alexi Lim on bow stands at a whopping 100 points! (although, i concede, this is largely due to an ever-snapping spin shackle)

Far from shying away from the potential embarrassment of clocking up the most points, crew members have rallied together, going beyond requirements to fine-tune their crew work, all the while keeping the words of our coach Wearn Haw close to heart:

 “Would you like to call it a day, or instead continue training and push beyond your limits?”

Here are the teams SMU sailing will be fielding against the fleet of internationally-acclaimed sailors. In the Platu One Design Class, first up we have Team BB (Black Bow) consisting of

  • Gregory Ho (Skipper)
  • Samantha Chua (Mains)
  • Karthik (Jib Trim)
  • Fidelis Tan (Pit/Mast)
  • Gwen Quek (Bow)
Team Black Bow

A team with great potential, they will be going into TOGR full of confidence following their win at the recently concluded Straits Regatta. In the humble words of Gregory though, they expect to “do their best on water, and maximize massages, minimize sunburn, and do their best not to be ripped off by the taxi driver when off the water”

Next up, we have Team Charlie (3 c’s + xi + xi-an, haha..) consisting of:

  • Christopher Lim (Skipper)
  • Catherine Chua (Mains)
  • Calvin Lim (Jib Trim)
  • Er Zixian (Pit/Mast)
  • Alexi Lim (Bow)
Team Charlie

A highly experienced team these guys aim to come within reach of the top 5 of the fleet, something never before achieved by SMU. Laughingly, skipper Chris Lim adds that they hope “Calvin gets awarded more points than Alexi” (we do believe drinks are the penalty at the end of the day and we are looking forward to a repeat of some toilet bowl action!)

And once again, we are very pleased to have 3 UWA sailors on board, forming a team with 2 of our own sailors. Having only trained on Foundation 36’s, these aussies will definitely find Platu sailing a walk in the park. The team consists of:

  • Christopher Hamilton(Skipper)
  • Saachi Aurora (Mains)
  • Eric Loh (Jib Trim)
  • Danika Jurat (Pit/Mast)
  • Alistair Marchesi (Bow)
Team UWA

Good luck surviving the “hospitality” of SMU sailors, after what your UWA friends have done to us at last year’s TOGR! Gripped with the aussie ‘do or die’ attitude, Chris Hamilton aims to go one over last year’s UWA-SMU mixed team and come in the top 4 positions.

Of course, it would be silly to pit 4 teams against each other  (3, is just smart), and we are sending a secret weapon into the IRC class. Team BJ (for Bo-Jio, get your minds out of the gutter guys!) will be taking part on the X99- Hijinks. With 2 ex-Amanda crew members on board, everyone is stepping carefully, not daring to even mention the words “Up the Lolly Lo!” to avoid the wrath of the boat. The team comprises of:

  • Shaun Toh (Skipper)
  • Alina Chia (Mains, this is 1 x huge mainsail)
  • Leonard Wee (Jib Trim 1)
  • Peiquan (Jib Trim 2)
  • Joy Fung (Pianist)
  • Yu Hui (Mast)
  • Brandon Heng (Bow)
Team BJ

The words from the team: “Up the…. no! haha, don’t say BO-JIO, we’ll see you on the podium guys”

Do wish us luck in this competition, because as much as we believe in our abilities, we all know that luck can really make or break your day out at sea. Also, do check back here for updates on our results. Alternatively, you can checkout the event website at in case we are too tired (yea right) from the races and miss out on updating this site :X

Thanks for reading 😀


5 thoughts on “Top of the Gulf Regatta 2011

  1. i doubt you guys would be too tired. you’ll prob all be drunk! have fun and take good care of yourselves. be safe! 🙂

  2. I’d like to do some coverage on SMUs efforts (I work with the official PR Agency for the TOG Regatta – Infinity Communications). Can you please provide the organiser/ team coaches email so I can drop them a line.

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