Tactics and Strategy Golden Rules

Source: Craig Ferris Sailing Coach

Tactics and Strategy Golden Rules

  1. *Wind goes left, be on port tack… Wind goes right, be on starboard tack!
  2. *Be at the start on the start
  3. *Navigation… Know the course and marks.
  4. Always stay in pressure
  5. Always sail towards pressure
  6. Sail knocks downwind… just as important as the lifts upwind
  7. Cross when you can
  8. Don’t overlay (or underlay)  marks.
  9. Have a game plan and Stick to it
  10. Have a plan ‘B’ just in case it goes horribly wrong
  11. Don’t be greedy
  12. Stay in touch with the fleet- (the sport is sailing, not gambling)
  13. Stay in clear air
  14. Don’t tack unless you have a reason to
  15. Look before you tack and gybe
  16. Sail the longest tack first (general rule)
  17. Keep you head OUT of the boat.
  18. Consolidate your gains but not your losses
  19. Stay between the opposition and mark
  20. Percentage sail the fleet, 100 sheep can’t be wrong
  21. Always be the inside boat at the bottom mark rounding
  22. Always be assessing your risk management (push and set the limits during training)
  23. When in front, reduce lateral distance to the opposition. When behind, increase lateral distance to the leader.
  24. When in front, try to sail the next boat towards the lay line, which gives them less opporunity to pass. When behind, try to sail the leader towards the centre of the course.
  25. When in front, parallel sail the opposition (whatever they do, you do)
  26. Stay focused and stay positive. Don’t let frustration affect your decision making.

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