Challenge for the week!

Hello all, here’s the challenge for the week!

Identify the rule broken @ 4:50 and explain why yellow (india) was given the penalty! Hint:[8222].pdf
Best response will walk away with $10 Borders Voucher! Entries close Friday 11th March 1200hrs, answers and winner will be announced at 1800hrs =)
(Lol @2:20- see how the bow team can make or break the race)


One thought on “Challenge for the week!

  1. (using colour of spinnakers to call the boats)
    The rule broken at 4:50 is Rule 15 by PINK spinnaker.
    Both are on starboard, with PINK to leeward.
    PINK gybes to port, then YELLOW follows.
    YELLOW is now right of way boat as per Rule 11.
    PINK then gybes back to starboard, acquiring right of way under Rule 10. But PINK must give YELLOW room to keep clear.
    YELLOW gybes out back to starboard almost as soon as PINK acquires right of way.
    It looks as though there is then a collision, and PINK (foolishly) protest.

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